Kroger Disses Staff, CEO Doubles Salary

With more & more Co’s explicitly letting people know what they value them at, things could get very interesting

Only time will tell how this’ll affect the talent / corporate landscape…

We had recently touched on how their CEO doubled his salary after ending Hazard Pay (which they had previously celebrated for PR)

Kroger CEO Hazard Pay

Kroger recently got exposed for asking their workers to RETURN yes you’re reading that right their hazard pay

With twitter user @laborseller sharing this

Soon enough, Kroger started to realize they had a PR problem on their hands

And as most corporations do when faced with getting exposed…

They pull out the playbook

Most folks of course, didn’t buy it

And it’s not hard to see why

These employees went to work every day during a pandemic

They’re risking not only their lives but the lives of their families, which keeps their doors open

Now more than ever, treating one another with empathy and respect is more important than ever

That never goes out of style Kroger and Co

Here’s to escaping average

Katriel €. Sarfati | Nerd Gone Rogue

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