A Letter To You, Who’s Sick And Tired, Of Being Sick And Tired

Hi, while this site is called GrowthHaxx, I thought I’d write this personally – as this very idea was founded on the principles of empowering Problem solvers

• Closeted creatives

• The person who gets really excited about a subject but don’t work in it

• The person who has an amazing skill or talent that they don’t actively practice, because life gets in the way

• For the kickass talented person who builds for others and gets forgotten or pushed out as a thank you

• And for those who’ll know exactly what I mean when i say “we’ve gotta work twice as hard, for half”

But here’s the thing, with things such as the Internet, and scrappy resourceful nerdom that results in a kid from Africa developing life altering tech

The single mom who works two jobs and somehow gets her degree, or climbs the corporate ladder, or hits reset on her life while caring for another

I get it, times are hard, hell I myself tend to procrastinate

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve witnessed a miracle or 7 which is why I often tell folks that with community & collaboration, some self discovery we truly can make some waves

Not on some kumbaya sh*t I’m talking proactively and expeditiously make power moves, bettering our quality of life (cheers to TI for bringing that word to the mainstream)

• Entrepreneurship

• Small businesses

• Brands that serve the people well

• An equity building process

On and on but you can see where I’m going here

• An ecosystem that serves you and holy fcuk might even give you economic leverage (power)

• One where we each play a part in improving on broken models

Like Sean Gray, a financial and life coach that worked for a popular guru recently has his “fcuk normal” moment and has begun making educational content for college students (if you’re a college student and reading this-holy crap are things nuts once you enter Corporate America, I can’t begin to tell you how many execs are legit psychopaths)

A closeted Creative pivoted from general contractor to bringing southern style fried chicken to his city in California (if you’ve never had southern fried chicken before you can’t possibly understand the heaven that it is) and creating a whole new vibe

And most recently an Entrepreneur who pivoted from overworked to leading a nonprofit that uplifts, educates and positions young females into successful careers

No matter how you slice it things are not going to be the same-don’t be a baby you know what I mean.

Sure we can cover our ears, hear no evil, see no evil, report no evil

If you’re still reading this, thank you. Seriously, thank you. Some folks have become transient in feeling and attention.

If it’s not giving them instant pleasure or less than 6 seconds than holy hell you could say you’ve cured cancer and they’d still give their attention to a kitten video or the latest “challenge”.

Thanks for at least considering the idea of improving our quality of life, I get it, I get called everything from a hippie to a genius for attempting this lo

Cause, Jesus is this industry… weird

On one end you’ve got this good ol boys club that you don’t hit it off with unless you pretend to love the way they do things

And on the other a political climate that gets funneled into madness – but we’re “not supposed to talk about it” whoever came up with that shit is exactly why Karen’s have so much pent up “vibes” (if you happen to get this joke please dm me, your next drinks on me)

Which is why the idea is to CREATE, not compete

Thanks for considering playing a part in our betterment, be it through your careers, your teaching, your building, or however you share your gifts with your community

Let’s bless and uplift each other today and tomorrow, here’s to escaping average 🤙

Katriel C Sarfati


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