Everyday Heroes, Leveraging Their Skills & Talents During This Pandemic

As the saying goes,

“Fear has favorites, don’t let one be you”

Yes, things have gone sideways, we can’t help but see, hear, and feel it every day right now.

As with all things, we’re hardwired to have a flight or fight response, there’s also a third setting, thrive — that my friend, I like to call a Rogue

Over on Instagram I love sharing examples of my theory of Create, don’t compete — especially the people who personify it, here are some examples of amazing humans.

Christopher Scull is someone I met while working with the city of Miami, and someone I’m proud to call a colleague.

Have a 3D Printer? Christopher has made the designs available to the public — here’s the link

16 Year old TJ Kim

Merick Williams Jr

Miss England Bhasha Mukherjee

Isai Cortez

Know anyone stepping up during these crazy times?

Message me so that we can all thank them.

Here’s to escaping average,

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