Bollywood Forgets How The Internet Works, Plays Themselves

With the outpour of support for Equality for the Black community, we’ve seen everyone from Greece to The Amish, to Witches (yes Witches came out in support)

While some came out and matched their words with actions, like LEGO Who Puts Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

So of course there will be those who jump on the bandwagon – like some influencers…

Activism for the gram 😂

Most recently some Bollywood actors/ actresses tweeted in support for Black Lives Matter

While the words are pretty and many can agree, they also forgot how the internet works, because if there’s anything you should learn, is that when someone responds to your tweet with “this you” odds are you forgot about something known as receipts

Skin bleaching is so prevalent in Bollywood, that it’s a Billion dollar industry, B as in Billions as covered by NewStatesman in their piece What Is India’s Obsession With Skin Whitening?

Anisa Butt, a Bollywood Actress had this to say to us

I’ve gone on record before and said bollywood …has no sense of “metoo” movement… anytime there’s “activism” It comes and goes in a flash. Especially this, there’s loads of racism in India, let alone diversity in Bollywood“

Another member Kathan Patel, dmed us as soon as this piece went live and said

Kathan was NOT having it

Some of the very people that tweeted about how beautiful colors are also happen to work for these companies

Equality is a real thing that needs real work, so performative activism isn’t going to do anything but get you a few likes and maybe the occasional boost to your self esteem because you “did the thing”

Related: People come out in droves to clean up their cities after protests


Pro Tip: Bollywood

Clean up your act before you come out here posting for clout

Y’all are looking as out of touch as those celebrities who sang “imagine” when covid hit

Here’s to escaping average ✊

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