What Anthony Bourdain Left The Habitually Curious

Anthony Bourdain

These days there’s countless quotes and pretty words, but there’s something about folks who take the time to walk the walk, that truly impact us. Anthony Bourdain was my first encounter with this style of media, and one of the reasons I refused to take no for an answer when media companies wouldn’t let those who looked like me, who came from where I came from, in.

Coming from a culture & family that shows love through food – it seemed only natural to connect with Anthony Bourdain’s perspective and dialogue.

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If you’ve never watched one of his episodes (pre CNN deal) of No Reservations, you were whisked away to a country you’ve probably heard of, and under normal circumstances, probably never visit.

From (cool food you’ve probably never heard of) in (interesting city) with a local chef, to exploring what makes up the soul of (interesting city).

Bourdain approached people, food, and culture with a humble demeanor that encouraged healthy dialogue, explorative conversations, and of course a bucket list of food that encouraged me to visit states, cities and local businesses that I would grow up to fight for

Beginners Mind, a perspective that has sparked a whole new set of adventures, setting the table (yes that was pun) to breaking bread with all walks of life

Like how I learned the importance of simplification and over delivering from a coffee merchant in Bodrum, Turkey

To scrappy ingenuity with urban farming while in Cuba

A drunken bar crawl in Russia that somehow ended with my best friend dancing with a Tatar dressed as a bear – who then went on to becoming a close friend of mine

It’s this respect and humility that is interwoven in so many of the people that speak life into projects, soul into ideas, and passion into initiatives, it’s no coincidence that they all have this in common with Bourdain

Fun Fact: Before Becoming A Chef, Bourdain wanted to make Comics 👆 this is one he created years later

Folks who have a quirky sense of communication, quirky meaning depth and passion, that leads to observation

While not for everyone, it certainly speaks to those of us who are habitually curious, excited to learn from our surroundings and people we meet,

there’s a quote from Doctor Who that fits how it appeared Bourdain approached life, and one to test out for ourselves

“Haven’t met anyone who wasn’t important”

Here’s to escaping average 🤙

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