Are You One Of The Vast Majority Experiencing Pandemic Burnout?

Pandemic burnout
What Day Is It Again?

We sat down with our go to guy for all things Sales & Networking Sean Gray to explore how someone who’s career depends on self reflection navigates these wild times we’re living through. He says the first step is to ignore what the mainstream “goorus” are saying.

With people not always sure what questions to ask (themselves), you’ve got this surge of bad advice being thrown around” says Sean, laughing to himself after seeing a notable IG personality telling people to “focus on your weaknesses first

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While we tend to enjoy busting myths “goorus” love to sell, I mean, share on Instagram while posing with expensive cars or a laptop poolside, the reality of life is that the noise is overwhelming.

Outlet after outlet has been a marathon of “you think you’ve got it bad?, let me tell you about this guy...”

He breaks it down via his personal experience, which he shares with his audiences as a speaker

Robert Kiyosaki and Sean Gray
if you’ve ever attended a Rich Dad, Poor Dad seminar, chances are you’ve heard him busting myth after myth from the stage

In times of chaos we want to be in control of the things we can so we focus on our domains and work because it’s tangible instead of the inner work of remaining at peace.

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We want to gain clarity yes? So let’s begin with the end in mind – here’s what he and his clients focused on

3 Easy To Remember Things To Focus On That Help With Dealing With Chaotic Times

1. Go out in nature as much as possible; we are human BEINGS.

Phone on Airplane Mode, unplug and BE

2) Has my BIG VISION changed? Revisiting ideas and getting re-inspired

Great idea

3) Double down on my strengths. People enjoy doing things they’re good at. With the extra time and all that restless energy, i transferred it into doing things I love to do

Painting hobby
Love to Paint? DO IT

The progress my friends, clients and I have made, the fulfillment and motivation we’ve been feeling is like a shot of Red Bull without the sugar crash” Says Sean

And I not only agree, but practice a lot of what Sean shared during our sit down, and can only sing it’s praises, as someone who grew up in a city, and served in the military, finding some peace that’s lasting is essential.

As we wrap our chat he shares his thoughts on mindfulness:

“It’s time we fell back in love with our growth, with our potential, it’s a process that’s hard to forget once you see results”

Here’s to escaping average 🤙

You can get a hold of Sean Gray, Sales & Networking Rogue here

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