This Group Of Kids Reminds Us We Have Some Growing Up To Do

The most sophisticated people I know – inside they are all children.

Jim Henson

Right now, folks are feeling it, I mean really feeling it. Just hours ago we learned of Robert Fuller, a young man who was found lynched in California in front of City Hall and it somehow gets declared a “suicide”.

With tensions running high, how fitting that it would be the innocence of our children to remind us we’ve got a lot of growing up to do

Heather Christo captured this GEM

We tend to forget what it was like being a kid, especially now, these days we’re thinking about bills getting paid, or making sure our staff gets paid on time.

Like we covered in Are You One Of The Vast Majority Experiencing Pandemic Burnout? There a massive wave of depression, even more now that sh*t has hit the proverbial fan

Worrying about having enough to eat, or thinking that maybe that extra slice of pizza might not be a great idea

All kinds of people, living through different experiences – most forgetting the benefits of taking the time to see things from a kids perspective

Because kids don’t hate, hate is taught

Take a second, close your eyes. Think back to a funny memory from your childhood

Maybe it was dropping ice cream that you just bought, or a serene memory, like when you’re bike riding downhill and just letting it cruise…

Notice how in none of those memories you’ll remember hate, judgements, animosity or ego.

Just kids, being kids

Kids being kids
Don’t know why this picture reminded me of Stranger Things

Growing up In NYC is a lot different than other cities, I get that

I for example grew up in Brooklyn, my friends and family were my people

If you ask some people from NYC a lot of us had “cousins” that were of a complete different race, ethnicity, religion – we didn’t exactly play by that “I don’t see color” crap

You were Muslim, cool, Korean, that’s what’s up, Russian? “Kak dela brat” (be honest, our friends taught us the best curses in their language)

I’d see this culture again when I was in the military, where I’d meet my older brother, who my kids call uncle, accordingly

We were little hooligans, sure. Assholes even (at least that’s what Bambino, our neighbor called us when we played football outside for too long)

Just kids, being kids

Here’s to escaping average 🤙

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