North Face First Major Brand To Boycott Facebook – Invites Others To Step Up

Talk about leading the charge. North Face not only graced us with bubble coats (shout out to the goretex and 800 series coats some of us wore) but is now backing up its brand promise of “United to move the world forward”

We’re in, we’re out

“We know that for too long harmful, racist rhetoric and misinformation has made the world unequal and unsafe, and we stand with the NAACP and the other organizations who are working to #StopHateforProfit,” said Steve Lesnard, The North Face’s global VP of marketing, said in a statement

The North Face

This comes on the heels of a tweet where footage was doctored and used to spread misinformation

Effective immediately, until stricter policies are in place to stop racist, violent, and hateful content and misinformation from circulating on the platform. The North Face is pulling ads, CNN reported.

As more and more brands struggle with watered down weak press releases “for solidarity”, there’s others who are leading with actions

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Many tend to say behind closed doors that they want things to go back to normal… 

Doctor who

To those companies, we do in fact invite them to keep their heads in the sand

It makes way for the new wave of innovation

Here’s to escaping average 🤙

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