U.S. Comes In Dead Last With Worker’s Rights, Scoring Slightly Better Than India And The Philippines, According To New Study

According to a new study by the International Trade Union Congress, the U.S. ranked a 4 out of 5, meaning there are “systematic violations of rights.”

The 10 worst in the survey were Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Honduras, India, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Turkey, and Zimbabwe. All are rated 5, for “no guarantee of rights.”

Workers Rights
As seen in Bloomberg

These findings come at an… interesting time

You have unemployment skyrocketing to 40+ Million

An unemployment line in KY

You have a recession officially beginning, with Stock-market legend Jeremy Grantham, who called 3 financial bubbles saying this one is the ‘Real McCoy,’ this is ‘crazy stuff

And unfortunately, like you saw with how Kroger dissed it’s staff, And plenty of shakeups at startups and blue chip businesses has created an air of holy crap

If you’re a problem solver, and love reverse engineering things, this is for you 👉 Dear Creative, Here’s To Cutting Out The Middle Man

Now seems like the best time for more Creatives to come out of the woodwork, because How Do You Win A Game That’s Rigged Against YOU? CREATE, Don’t Compete

Here’s to escaping average ✊

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