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Community Comes Together To Lift People’s Spirits, The Result Was Music To People’s Ears

Study after study has confirmed the connection between music and mood. Many finding that listening to music you enjoy increases pleasure in the brain and decreases stress

With folks feeling the tension of 2020 and most recently reports of fireworks disrupting their peace and quiet every night

So we asked our Growthhaxx community of Creatives to share what they listen to, what helps them unwind, create.

The result was this beautiful and ongoing mix of everything that’ll help you relax after a long day, set the mood for your evening, and give your brain much needed peace.

Via the GrowthHaxx community 👇

Noah Gaëtan shared his go to playlist for his adventures and overall chill mood

Isai Cortez, a tax lawyer who hustles as hard as he flows shared this gem

Chilled Cow on YouTube

Ruby, also known as @MyVidaStyle talks her audience about Latin music and artists all the time, and she came in clutch!

Here are her Must have at Latino Parties and Road stripping playlist

Steven Gray, a kickass photographer also known as @cameraandaflask shared who helps him vibe, saying “Not a playlist, but in this last year, Juicyproof has emerged as one of my favorite jazz/chillhop artists ever.”

Steven gray camera and a flask
Courtesy Steven Gray @Cameraandaflask

Anthony Waweru, who works in data science and software development, with one of the smoothest playlists we heard

@Buckbucci an avid EDM fan who shares his mixes with his audience, shared this for Those who love EDM

Longtime colleague and boxing badass Joe Buckner shared his chill session playlist and it didn’t disappoint one bit 😃

Joe Buckner boxing
Courtesy Joe Buckner

Several more have been coming through with amazing shares 👇 (this list will be updated periodically)

Quentin Moses saw an opportunity to share a vibe, and had this to say

This is my personal list for depression. I’ve never shared it but if it helps….🙏🏾 Check out Quentin’s personal playlist here

Sean Gray
Sean Gray
Via @wink
Joy Valerie

Think about it for a second, when you’re feeling good – you bump some music

When working, I have my Flow State playlist

When you’re sad – you listen to slower, soothing music, to help you process

When you’re celebrating, marking an occasion or just driving around

Via How Music Improves Our Mood and Health | UPMC HealthBeat

“Studies have found that listening to music you enjoy may increase the release of pleasure-causing substances in the brain like norepinephrine and melatonin. It may also decrease stress-causing hormone production in the body. As a result, music therapy has the power to do the following:”

• Reduce stress/ease anxiety

• Improve sleep

• Lessen depressed mood

• Create positive mood

• Boost self-confidence

• Increase energy

While things aren’t going to get better overnight, it’s not only better to embrace reality, but to proactively take steps to improve your quality of life, and what better way than to turn up the music, close your eyes and enjoy yourself 😎

Here’s to escaping average 🤙

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