Are You A Scrappy Creative? Some FREE Resources And Tools For YOU (Pt 3 In Series)

As part of this ongoing series, we’ve been looking for and putting together a helpful series where we share resources for you scrappy and resourceful Creatives, especially those who are considering cutting out the middle man and improving their cashflow

In Part 1 we covered: Resources for building websites, design, and so much more

In Part 2 we were joined by Joy Carrera, founder of Build With Joy : Who shared her go-to free resources for those who want to code

This episode will be on making sure you get paid, and legalities

Make More Money

Running your operation comes down to three simple necessities;

  • Where customers go to see goods/services
  • How to collect payment
  • How to deliver goods

We were rather surprised to learn just how many people experience issues with collecting payments. Leaving many with interrupted cashflow, and dealing with a**hole customers.

This one would be more so in what’s helped our community collect their payments swiftly and look professional while doing it

FREE Resources for Collecting Payments

  • Invoice to me: Easy to use Invoice Generator.
  • Free Invoice Generator: 2+ Points for the business name — right to the point, a lot like their invoice generator.
  • Slimvoice: Simple, effective, love it.
  • Wave: Free & easy accounting AND invoicing. What’s not to love.
  • Free invoice generator.
  • Paypal: Tried and true, one of our favorite ones

FREE Legal Document Templates

  • Kiss: Free legal docs for startup founders and investors.
  • Docracy: An impressive collection of legal documents.
  • Shake: Create, sign, and send legally binding agreements. Free for personal use.

If you find yourself dealing with people dragging their feet, Andy Clark, who works with art direction and design for products and websites. Shared what helped him collect his payments promptly and without the legal system.

Hi [..],

A quick note to say that I am really disappointed that you have still not paid me the [..] that I’m owed for the work I did for you. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a lot of money, but actually I think that this is more a matter of respect.

I have always been there at the drop of a hat to sort out any problems you might have. I love working with you and have always taken our relationship as more than just client/supplier. But if I can’t rely on you paying promptly or it takes several attempts and reminders to get my money, that’s not good business.

I’m not saying that I don’t want to work with you, I do. But if I don’t receive what I am owed within the next couple of days, I will have to think twice about helping you in the future.

Kind regards

Andy Clarke

cash flow

Andy had this to say

“This exercise taught me that even the trickiest situations can be handled better and resolved faster by plain, honest speaking.”

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Here’s to escaping average,

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