To My Fellow Procrastinator

So I have a bad habit

I procrastinate, A LOT

Pretty much all my life, school, boring. Work, boring, easy to excel at, but nonetheless, boring

That of course led to me convincing myself that I worked well under pressure, that is, until joined the Army

That’s when I learned, wow I didn’t know what a lot of pressure felt like

I watched superior after superior – grumpy, falling apart at 40 and generally miserable, I soon came to the realization , I don’t like this type of pressure

Later on, when I transitioned to civilian, I found myself breezing through tasks and troubles that many around me found hard – once again, there I was, bored

So I slacked a bit, telling myself “even if I half-ass it for 1 month, I’m ahead of the game

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And there too, I met boss after boss, manager after manager, grumpy, falling apart, just over broke, and I soon came to realization again, I don’t like this type of pressure

Nerd Gone Rogue

So I started experimenting, learning more about myself and how i operate

After a while, I learned a quick and easy to remember way I’ve begun using it to outperform “competitors” and be the most productive I’ve ever been in my life

I’ve shared some of my findings in Dear Creative, Here’s To Cutting Out The Middle Man and this video as well with those in the ROGUE Membership and know it can come in handy for you too

And here’s the link to the personality test I mention in the video: 16 Personalities Test 😎🤙

Here’s to escaping average

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