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Launching, Surviving, And Thriving During This Pandemic

Dear Tommy (and all the Tommy’s out there)

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Titans *Rogues*

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Photo by Gary Butterfield
Photo by Gary Butterfield

While I don’t have all the info to make a more informed professional opinion, I CAN say with much confidence that with what you’ve already built, you’re looking at a great platform to SCALE with and scale NOW (yes as soon as you’re done reading this)

As I’ve covered before, how do you win a game that’s rigged against you? You CREATE, don’t compete


Trust But Verify

Sassy Bird Lancaster, California 😍 Sassy Bird Serving Up Some Love

My background in general contracting taught me that taking care of people comes first, it doesn’t matter if they’re getting a whole new kitchen or some of Lancaster’s best chicken, making sure you remember that the customer is going throughh this and money’s tight was a great reminder.

When we started working with Frank he was juggling lockdown, he went into action, which included:

  • Learning new skills
  • Leveraging his existing audience to learn more about them (see questions mentioned above)
  • Personally talking to his customers
  • Focused on putting his staff in their customers’ shoes over and over
  • Experimented with delivery options
  • Involved his staff in improving their offerings

Katriel C Sarfati Nerd Gone Rogue

Sovereignty Is The Security

Wish You Were More Creative? Beginners Mind Might Just Be For You— An Intro

Dwayne The Rock Johnson
Who’s gonna treat you better than you?

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  1. Frank

    Thank you for the feature 🙏🏼
    When you mention keeping two businesses sovereign and in a partnership, that means I can use the audience I’ve built on sassy bird to introduce them with more services or more value through my personal brand? (another project, introducing them to my personal pages, etc..)

    1. Katriel €. Sarfati

      Absolutely – an existing audience that you’ve connected with can be amazing to run an idea by, give exclusive access to, etc

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