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Wish You Could DO More? How A Procrastinator Helped Me Double My Productivity


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Recipe (Task) Chef (Person) Technique (Formula)


animations people are patterns shapes createdThe Formula he follows is

  • Be honest about your strengths
  • Give yourself a BIG target, and a starting point
  • Squeeze your time

Be Honest About Your Strengths

During our first convo, a lot like during our time together I noticed if he didn’t know something, he would flat out say he didn’t, and would often jot it down in a note for himself to research later

Give Yourself a BIG Target

Once he had his starting point, he’d dream, and dream BIG.

Squeeze Your Time

This was by far the most useful thing I learned from him. He did an exercise that I now do to this day, especially when I’m stuck with my productivity

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Recipe (Task) Chef (Person) Technique (Formula)

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Without rhyme or reason, and every single time, it over-delivers

  • Campaigns
  • Promos
  • Content
  • My To-Do List
  • Strategy
  • And a bunch more that used to take me days — even weeks, I can now tackle in hours

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