Industry Leading Company’s Best Kept Secret: Intrapreneurs

  • Post It Notes
  • Java
  • Hot Cheetos

All game-changing innovations brought to you by Intrapreneurs!

While many may pretend to love being surrounded by those smarter than them, there are some founders who are real team players and see the power in empowering their teams

If you find yourself working with a faux “leader” I’ve made something just for you, helping creatives 👉  cut out the middle man

I’ve spent the last 3 years testing this concept with the majority of founders kicking and screaming.

One really got us laughing when he yelled at his team how his company wasn’t a democracy, that no decision went live without his say so – they’ve since gone under as the CBD market became flooded with better brands and his investors found that not ever salesman makes for a great CEO.

Now, for the select few that have open and versatile minds, here’s something for you to tackle with your dream teams

It involves empowering your team, trusting them, and practicing empathy. You know, all the fluff companies tell you they practice… These days, the most insecure of CEO’s, Founders, and Execs alike watch in awe as companies take ideas, and spin gold, although they’ll argue that fellas like Richard Branson, Elon Musk etc got lucky

What is an Intrapreneur?

A person within a corporation who focuses on innovation and creativity, takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product through risk-taking and innovation.

Everything that frightens most companies, especially the ones managed by mediocre bureaucrats who “do it by the book”.

But study after study has revealed that the best work is done by talent that’s empowered to solve problems and have freedom

Special mention: An Intrapreneur can become an Entrepreneur, an Entrepreneur can work as an Intrapreneur. The main difference between Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur is that Intrapreneur works within a company, an Entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily have to.

Something I talk about extensively about on my IG, as well as cover in-depth in the Rogue Membership is how building a dream team isn’t a pipedream, it requires a founder to have a backbone, vision, and empathy.

What makes a great Intrapreneur?

A great example of what Intrapreneurs look like in action is the Avengers.

Not every great innovator starts their own company. Sometimes they just wanna kick ass and go home to their families, they believe in the team/company they’re with and love what they do.

To the talent and companies reading this, embracing your inner entrepreneur — and your company — by becoming an intrapreneur instead becomes a Win-Win-Win.

A Win for the Intrapreneur, A Win for the Company, and most importantly, a Win for the Customer

Entrepreneurial Spirit

A person of remarkable thought and action. Most importantly, an activator of ideas AND people.

Netflix Intrapreneur Skip Intro

Innovation Obsessed

Every move leads to a big picture. There’s always an experiment to do it better.

Cool And Confident

They can handle “no”, failed projects and ideas. Secure enough to keep tinkering away till it succeeds.

More Focused On Creating Than Competing

Where most see competition, they see opportunities. Where most see a saturated market, they see a bored customer, ready to be connected with.

Benefits Of Working With An Intrapreneur

Innovations by Intrapreneurs include:

  • Sony’s PlayStation
  • Facebooks Like Button
  • Gmail
  • Post It Notes
  • Java

All made possible with empathy, trust, and empowering teams with resources and freedoms to bring forth verticals that move their initiatives forward.

Their companies didn’t bring them on board to tell them how to do their jobs, they collaborate with them to solve bigger, better, and more interesting problems.

Part 2 will focus on HOW to become an Intrapreneur

Here’s to escaping average

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