Dear Creative, If You’re Looking For A Sign – THIS Is It

In the past 10 years, a lot of the (failed) Real Estate “Gurus” transitioned into Startup & Entrepreneurship “Gurus

Then into Crypto & Marketing “Gurus

Then the wave of Social Media “Gurus” came along

As with any disruptions/innovations, these trends rely on the bar of entry being lowered by tech, this also causes many who have been in their industry for years to roll their eyes whenever these Copy, Paste, Gurus enter their field.

But after years as a Growth Hacker, I’m happy to report it’s not a bad thing, in fact, it’s GOLD

James Franco wink power move

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You see, you have the promise of easy profits, accelerated by the novelty and ease of scaling (see aforementioned tech)

Sold to them by profiteers who leveraged (white-labeled) a Creatives (you) work

Look at crypto and wholesaling (real estate) for example, all driven up and sold as “systems”

White-Labeling: When a creator creates something that someone then pays to have their name on it

Wholesale real estate
Remember these? Or the “buy real estate with no money down” offers online?

This saturates markets with a lot of Mr/Mrs. Me Too’s, all using the same sales scripts, the same bag of tricks.

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When I first moved to Miami, I’ll never forget being able to finish people’s sentences whenever they’d go into their shtick.

Was I Psychic?

Nope, they were just all relying heavily on the latest Grant Cardone video they’d purchased/watched just like the rest of their peers

If you woke up tomorrow, and suddenly everyone was a sales guru, how would you view sales?

How would you view marketing if everyone and their mother was an expert? Social media?

Probably a lot like most companies & people do now. Social media & Marketing are 2 of the biggest reasons companies struggle, even though there’s a surge of new experts popping up every day… why?

Will Ferrell hmm
A Power Move Brews…

You see, the easiest way to make something average is to systemize it. Sure it starts out as being efficient and a bunch of other corporate buzzwords. That system cranks out XYZ like a factory, when is the last time you oooh’d and aaahh’d at something mass-produced?

The vast majority of people who buy these systems are salespeople, who tell themselves they’re marketers. That confusion brings up the need to have something turnkey and easy to execute, you know… those “make money in your sleep for only $__” systems.

So they all imitate the exact same thing

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Spider-Man pointing

This leaves WIDE open areas of opportunity, like Julys ROGUE of the month, Frank Lopez who doubled his business during lockdown with power move after power move

Leaving you, the Creative “competing” with a 1 trick pony

Here’s to escaping average,

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