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Ask A Growth Hacker: Marketing Your Dealership Business

Sell cars or run a dealership business?

One of our people recently asked this question and with the industry running the way it does its a fair one!

…I sell cars at a large dealership. If you were me, what would you do to drive traffic and get more customers? Diego C

Here’s what I’ve discovered through trial and error and from my friends in the business.

Put Yourself In The Customer Shoes:

Customers tend to buy cars based on budget, one they have in mind already, and a hybrid of those — where are they searching for those deals? Online where are they looking at options on those cars? Pinterest and google top the charts there

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Word Of Mouth Is STILL KING In This Industry:

Why not add some brand recognition to your business?

Back To Number 1:

You’ve got people who lease and people who buy — anticipate those scenarios and break them down for them! REMEMBER CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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Car Sales(wo)men Have a Bad Rep For Being Sleazy:

Ever heard the term sleazy used car salesman? — look for ways to clean this up

Let Your Personality Shine:

Odds are you’re charismatic (at least I hope you are) convey that with people on social media and your communities — people need a friend in the biz, why not you?

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Leads With Love:

Share your success stories, got someone a kickass deal? SHARE it and let that be how you advertise

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Things have indeed hit the proverbial fan, in fact, if you’re in the car game – highly suggest you improve your relationships with lenders and prepare for a boost in used car sales.

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Recently I shared this with someone who responded with “I’m selling cars man, this is way too much work” I smiled and nodded, because the guy standing next to me owns a conglomerate selling cars across all of Europe, he smiled too and said, “That’s why you sell out of a lot, and I sell across the globe”

Here’s to escaping average 🤙 😎

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