Imagine Getting Paid To Use Electricity, The UK Just Made It Possible For Their Citizens

European countries have prioritized innovation in clean tech, specifically Wind production. The results? UK wind energy production is generating “negative subsidies”, with wind farm projects giving money back to the government, which will be passed on to citizens for cheaper energy bills.

Courtesy General Electric

For years, energy subsidies used to push up energy bills, but within a few years cheap renewable energy will see them brought down for the first time.

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This is an astonishing development

Dr Malte Jansen

With their prices already 1/3 lower than the costs set in 2017 and 2/3 less than in 2015, clean energy tech is seeing a well received audience in the scientific and tech community.

As for the fossil fuel industry, which remains heavily subsidized, has struggled to keep up with the times and innovations is set to be a thing of the past in many parts of the world

Imagine a world where your best ideas not only came to life, but contributed to improving our overall quality of life

Katriel € Sarfati

For years, crisis after crisis for companies and economies, from reviving shelved idea to scaling new ones, there are clues left behind from each success story (and even more from those that failed)

How will your skills help the communities you live in?

Here’s to escaping average 🤙

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