This Business Is A Masterclass On Handling “Influencers”

A lot like the word “Entrepreneur”, “Influencer” has become a magnet for the self important and narcissistic. One restaurant in Greece has been shooing grifters left and right with an ingenious idea, asking them to be influential

Original post is in Greek, if you happen to know Greek, you can find it here

If not, here’s the abridged version:

“We receive dozens of messages like this”

I’m an influencer, can I come eat in exchange for posting a photo of your restaurant on instagram?

Exhibit A

And in perfect form, the class begins

Talk about a WIN / WIN / WIN

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No seriously, this is a perfect deal, a WIN for the Influencer, a WIN for the customer, and a WIN for the restaurant

The result?

“No one has accepted to come under this condition. To pay for his food even if I will then offer free food of the same value to people in need. Most of the time they don’t reply and some erase their original message.

Dear influencers: you are making a fool out of yourselves by trying to create a fake cosmopolitan lifestyle based on begging” chamallow81, via Reddit

Major Key 🔑

A lot like the Ice Cream truck owner who charges Influencers double the price – the internet had a field day with these influencers

Black Belt Indeed

That right there is the very point of anyone becoming an influencer – it’s not going to go away tomorrow, but the game has and will continue to change over the course of time

As more and more people label themselves influencers, the bright side is that it’ll allow those with skill and empathy to shine and create a clear value proposition.

Not to mention more and more people are exposing them, like the ones who coopted anti racist movements for likes

The rest will just have to bug us with their spam bots praising them as the next forex god

Here’s to escaping average 🤙

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