Doctor Who Grew $1000 Investment into a $200M Company Schools Us On Adversity

Here is a behind the scenes look of how a guy got “good and angry” and ended up building a $200 Million side business
This behind the scenes series is hosted by GrowthHaxx Head of Business Development Sean D Gray as he sits down for a virtual chat with Tom Burns, Doctor and founder/CEO of Rich Doctor, an investment & finance portfolio company dedicated to providing clarity for all of life’s financial decisions
“I’ve made plenty of passive income for myself and my goal with Rich Doctor is to share this knowledge with as many doctors as possible.” Tom Burns
Inspired by his own passion for personal finance, he got the idea for Rich Doctor when he started to notice “life got in the way”.
Bills, mortgages, car payments were taking up time and mind power, time, and mind power he felt should be going into his practice.
He then noticed other doctors having this issue too, gifted doctors who were more preoccupied with bills and finances than improving their practices. 
Since then, Tom has set the strategic vision for Rich Doctor, leading its growth to the tune of $200 Million
The conversation will center around practical financial advice, personal life philosophies and guiding principles, and the challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs in today’s landscape.
Other topics that will be covered include:
– Weathering a market downturn
– Providing transparency
– Stretching the right way – even if it hurts at first

“I know that when doctors are not burdened by financial stressors, they can focus on what’s most important to them, like family, travel, professional passions, and helping to heal more people – ultimately improving our overall health care system.” 

Tom Burns, Rich Doctor

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