Ask A Growth Hacker: Marketing Your Construction Company

As we share more behind the scenes on what we do on Instagram the responses have been fun, enlightening, and downright awesome getting to know my audience more.

From Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Employees alike. Questions are welcome and encouraged! this week we received this from one.

The adrenaline is rushing, you’ve searched the web for hours, you’ve designed a makeshift logo and told all your friends and family about your new endeavor……

First things first;

You’re the Captain of This Ship

Take stock of your skills, just because you want to be a CEO, doesn’t mean half-ass it. This is serious business and this requires you to look at Roles and Responsibilities

George Lopez I got this

Why Are You Doing What You’re Doing?

There’s commercial and there’s residential. PICK ONE and be the best damn company at that. This also means looking at why you love doing this job.

One company I worked with years ago started off doing paving and finishes on homes because that was what the founder learned as a kid working with his father.

That made his charm and love for that niche stand out and he began to build a rep for being the Picasso of stucco, as his community grew, so did he.

Michael scott the best

Today he’s expanded into commercial handling facade work for some impressive high rises in upper Manhattan.

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Shaking Hands and Kissing Babies

I earned my stripes in real estate, and for years I observed as more than half of NYC’s deals were done outside of the public eye and with a handshake.

If you’re not a charismatic person or don’t have luck building rapport with Real Estate Investors you’re out of luck because that’s your bread and butter.

Homeowners will not be your bread and butter, and big commercial. projects don’t fall out of the sky.

Real Estate is the market you serve FIRST.

Wall Street real estate markets
Fugazzi Fug-AH-Zee the market lives off waves

Homeowners and Development firms need stamps of approval from their peers before doing business with you.

Last but not least, bootstrap. This means whatever your company’s’ specialty is, consider being a subcontractor to bigger companies that act as generalists.

You Inc Thrival Kit

Most general contracting firms outsource 3/4 of their work.

Oh and one more thing, create — don’t compete


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