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Level Up Your Social Media Game With Same Tech Creators Swear By

Sometimes you’re so close to the problem that you forget how what’s normal within your bubble, is foreign to someone else. While we were busy building, a few of our friends, customers, and colleagues kept asking the same questions. So we revisited some trouble areas from our people – and at the top of their list was

  • Social Media Bios (Setup)
  • Engagement (Low or sporadic)
  • Content

So we took a look at our round of experiments and asked some of those we help

Welcome to part 1 of 3 on leveling up your social media game 😉 – Social Media Bios and Setup


A time tested go to for many of us who use social media for more than just personal scrolling – it’s reliable, easy to use. Hard to hate that


This ones fairly new to us, and it looks promising as hell – we’ve started using it and look forward to sharing results 🙌

Contact In Bio

What caught our eye here was the freedom to

  • Create a mobile friendly landing page
  • Accept payments

Sked Link

So far, everyone who’s used this reports that it’s fairly easy, however the pricing seems to have most people deciding against it in the long run


With a little over 30% of those we asked mentioning LNK.BIO, it seems to have a really good customer in the lifestyle space


A good rule of thumb to remember is

  • Why are they here?
  • What will they get?
  • How do I help them?

As you can tell, if you’re trying to grow because you love that dopamine rush of likes, this post isn’t for you

Katriel C Sarfati

There are a lot of ways for a lot of different types of people – for myself, I kept it simple and effective as my goal is to avoid tire kickers

So far, we’ve discovered that there’s sophistication in simplicity, what I lack in WOW I’ve made up for with emojis, so far


So far, treating this section like an extension of tabs on a website has worked beautifully, from sharing stories, to calls to action, it’s a great way to spice up using UX (User Experience) techniques

For example, on our website, we have

  • Happening Now
  • Biz/Career
  • Life/Mind

So with each social media profile we try to experiment with similar things such as

  • Learn More
  • Q&A’s
  • Resources

The images are easy to make with


Navigate your way around Canva - Canva Help Center

Now enough dilly dallying, go CREATE

See you later for part 2 of 3 on leveling up your social media game

Here’s to escaping average

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