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Harvard Grad On A Mission To Make Business Credit Accessible To Struggling Founders

“Have you set yourself up for the Revolutionary changes in unsecured lines of credit?”

Most people understand the current process to apply for credit. They check your credit score and accept or deny based on your score.

Thankfully, that is all changing.

There are some up and coming fintech companies who are turning this model upside down. They look exclusively at your banking activity to approve or deny you credit.

Your credit score plays little to not factor at all!

I am putting together a new video breaking down how I did it.

Confession: I spent the 5 years plotting and planning what i was going to say and how it’s going to sound and why it needs to be perfect.

Instead, I grew frustrated, the world doesn’t work like that, and i learned through embarrassment, trial, and error that what my tribe really wanted is raw, authentic real-world experience.

In the end, I’m just a guy with a specific knowledge base designed to solve problems (which is why I’m working with GrowthHaxx on an amazing solution for you)

You see, my goal is to take small businesses, and walk them through the process, building relationships with the right banks, the right way, this way you can now walk into any meeting, perhaps an interesting hedge fund, Venture Capitalist, and have secure footing

Right now, far too many great businesses aren’t positioned to exit, secure financing, or even operate from a position of power. Time and time again leaving them to fizzle out.

You see founders becoming “rich overnight”, but far more don’t have the right finances in places, which is why being a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) puts me in a position to empower founders – and avoid pitfalls like selling off their power too early in the game

I was excited to go over this far more in detail when I was invited onto this Think Tank episode (view below)

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If you were to suddenly have access to a forward thinking CFO, how would you leverage that?

The doors open, send me your messages, questions here

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