Competing With BIG Brands: Confessions Of A Growth Hacker

At its core, a market is a collection of people with intersecting beliefs, goals, tastes, perspectives.

Katriel C Sarfati

Are you having trouble growing?

Maybe you have a brilliant idea, but also realistic in the uphill battle you face.

oh no

With so many opportunities out there, how do you know which one you should pursue? How do you avoid getting stuck?

After almost 10 years of working with shoestring budgets, no budgets, and BIG budgets, what we’ve learned is simplification is essential

It’s how my colleagues and I have been able to scale brands without spending a dime

Here’s what I mean by that

You sell a product/service in the __ industry to the __ market

Now… tune out the business jargon, the advertising, all the noise out there (even the naysayers)

boy bye

Now comes the fun part

The product/service you sell, is merely a means to an end, a tool that aids the purchaser in turning their frown upside down

The __ industry is simply the gathering of people who tend to make the tool

The __ market… ahh but this market… now comes the fun part

What You’re Really Doing

market is merely a collection of people with intersecting beliefs, goals, tastes, best of all, perspectives.

When you hear “the luxury market” you’re hearing a collective of people who believe something is worthy of a certain price tag, the goal of improving their social status, the tastes that align with the aesthetic of money, and the perspective that brings those all together

And the glue? Well that my friend is the problem your product/service helps solve

What you’re really doing is providing a quality product/service through quality customer service and experience

Emphasis on the experience

Pro Tip: If You Can’t Join Em, BE Them

I recently tackled the design and release of a coffee in the Cannabis space, consumer products are especially fun (for me) in that, it’s a tangible thing, the consumer can touch it, feel it, smell, taste it.

Is there plenty of options for coffee, absolutely

Is there an abundance of Cannabis products, absolutely

Is there other companies launching their own Cannabis Coffee, of course (the rush of new people into that industry has been so bittersweet, but we’ll discuss that in a later article)

but not many end up with premium placement in the home of the world’s most expensive facial

gracing the public of Times Square

Seeing this in bright lights was exceptionally fun

or getting coverage in Forbes, Nylon and several other media publications

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    What Truly Matters

    As stated above, What you’re really doing is providing a quality product/service through quality customer service and experience

    BIG Companies can’t exactly take the time to care about you and me, yes they’ll pay a PR firm big money to create and distribute that message, but… we’re not naive.

    BIG Companies answer to investors, to wall street and so their priorities tend to not place the customers well being, needs, or wants at the top of their list.

    What truly matters is the relationship you build with a person, have you ever seen someone who has to buy their friends? Their significant other?

    This is where small business can shine, you can remember your customer’s name, you can openly display common beliefs, develop and even expand their tastes, best of all, celebrate shared perspectives. This results in developing mutual respect; earned love

    Yes maybe the BIG company has a bigger wallet, but you, my friend, you’ve got the advantage of the human element — something money can’t buy

    BIG business pays for love, Which is why and how it gets to be so expensive because it operates like a sugar daddy

    Short and sweet video on how taking action is far more important than taking on a ton of theory

    This video is about How To Compete With BIG Brands

    Here’s to escaping average,