We’ve Been Alive For 6 Months! Some Takeaways

Hi 👋, Katriel here

After 6 months – 3 of which were beta and another 3 of going live – we set out to

  • Rely less on ads than what traditional media does
  • Focus on our people first
  • Prioritize context
  • Publish less than what we were told to

As founder of this thing, GrowthHaxx has seen many different life forms – in fact, I often refer to GrowthHaxx as the thing, that gets you to the other thing.

So we figured, if we’re tackling this media space, maybe some of you might want to too.

On our 6 month we’re feeling pretty damn hype about hitting our 6th month & NOT needing ads to survive!

Key takeaways include:

  • Leverage Skills Into DIY offer
  • Story Telling (my personal style) comes in CLUTCH when connecting with BIG brands
  • Focus on LESS “to dos”
  • Focus in BIGGER goals

For example, one of my goals was to put out less content than other media companies

Focus on context & our tribe ONLY

Because it meant income // profits with zero “bosses” // annoying clients

It support
Yeah… those customers

One piece of content in particular set things in motion, and got us in front of an NFL player, and Actor a lot of you might recognize

Even if all the advice says to “zig”

It’s more than ok // exciting to ZAG

The best part?

  • Zero paid traffic
  • Zero promos
  • Zero outreach

We test every other day, and ship within 48 hours, you see, what we’ve learned is that with the right tribe (audience // customers) you have freedom

You can focus on shipping to your target audience, and your tribe only

Now don’t get me wrong, now that we’ve hit this milestone we will begin to integrate other practices like paid traffic and what not

But if you’re thinking of getting into the media space, the influencer space, hell- just starting a YouTube channel

You’ll learn that a lot of this is pay to play (hence why only a select few get through the plateau)

Anywho, thought I’d share the good energy over here – wishing you well and of course all questions are welcome

Stay blessed bitchachos 🤟

Here’s to escaping average

P.S. How long do you want to stay stuck? Plateaued?

Here’s a Thrival guide we made just for you

  • No BS
  • No fluff
  • No email sequence (we hate those)
  • No “omg it’s limited for only 2 hours so buy now” crap
  • You get access today
  • Oh and it’s free

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