It’s No Coincidence Who Keeps Crying About Minimum Wage

It’s no coincidence that the shittiest and greediest of businesses are the ones worrying about raising minimum wage

If your business only exists as a vacuum – womp womp – play stupid games, win stupid prizes

If your business exists to improve things around you – you have nothing to worry about

The majority of people arguing against minimum wage simply don’t understand how money works – somehow filing for an LLC convinced them they were Titans of industry

A higher minimum wage is not always a bad thing – unless your business sucks, or the leadership sucks of course

A minimum wage job is an entry level job – we can agree there right?

Many argue that it’s not the businesses job to help their employees


Most businesses who cry, b*tch, & moan do NOT have actual clarity on their growth or for their employees

Which is why you get so many companies complaining how “hard it is to find good help”

Which is why the same person who finds themselves so clever in being a parasite, sooner begins their pity party when inflation hits

Do they train? No

Do they invest in people? No

Do they invest in systems and management? No

What do they do?

The ones who cry the most? Have shitty leadership

As the economy goes through its inevitable shifts (it’s literally a cycle) those who take pride and ownership of their trajectory will invest in systems, people, training, management


Cause it’s not rocket science – it’s a natural evolution, and the business owners who refuse to adapt? Well they’ll soon learn that the game they thought they were playing passed them by – imagine a true capitalist crying over things not being fair

A true capitalist // hustler knows those investments aren’t government regulated – this IS chess after all, not checkers

They navigate the architecture in place, and ready themselves for the changes (sometimes even help steer said changes, you know… cause money is more powerful than votes)

Inflation is real and growing everyday

I recently heard a phrase that fits many of the ailments businesses face beautifully – Chiefs, Priests, and Thieves (that’s for another day)

If this post triggers you, good – if you’re really the badass businessperson you claim to be – you’ll start mapping your growth strategy out now

It’s not rocket science, just simple logic

Here’s to escaping avg 🖖

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