The Two Hottest Commodities Of 2020

You ever talked to someone about an idea and all they could contribute to the conversation was all the things they’d like to avoid?

I hope xyz doesn’t happen

“ok, I want to avoid ____”

Or all the reasons why something won’t work (I’m working on not rolling my eyes and saying stfu pero like… I’m only human)

iron man eye roll GIF

Fear tends to do funny sh*t to us.

It can alter the way we say // hear // feel things. It can be the difference between

“I refuse to end up ___!”

And “I’m afraid of ending up ___!”

Psychology and experience have taught me how powerful hope and fear are, they’re two of the world’s oldest commodities.

They can build legacies, and rot them too

rome GIF

The flip side looks a bit like

“I can’t wait till ___ happens”


“we could totally do ___ because of ___”

Inconveniences suck, we all have them. Just about every single person, single, married, rich, poor, pretending to be rich – they allllll have problems

Which teaches me that problems don’t exactly go away – we simply get better and better at solving them

If 2020 has taught me anything, is that I needed a reminder, a reminder that between my childhood, my adolescent years with some characters general society would frown upon, and lastly my time in the Army have equipped me with better-coping skills, with quicker reaction times, boundless opportunities

Now to keep growing up, finding more silver linings – and learn how to do more than just survive, thrive time

Here’s to escaping average my friend 🖖

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