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Welcome back Rogue, this issue is dedicated to those of us who love what we do so much, that we almost by accident, make it look too easy

This issues mood

A huge motivator to start this Codex came as we explored ways to reach you – as we met more and more Rogue’s, we heard stories like 

Over the years we’ve shared many stories like this because if there’s anything we could leverage as a community, it’s transparency – making it harder for cheap and scheming companies to pull fcukery on the very talent that makes them money

Speaking of talent, just this summer, we had the reality of 30 million people unemployed —about 20% of American workers

And that included some 3.6 million people, not in the labor force who were prevented from looking for work due to the pandemic

Daunting? Maybe 

But let’s look at the whole picture – why rely on a middleman? If you’re creating value and delivering some form of transformation, what could your bank account look like if you went straight to the customer?

Especially when stuff like this is looming around

While the majority of people might find it easier to “roll with the punches” let’s explore what “be water my friend” would look like 

Let’s CREATE, not compete


Pro Tip:

“How you. do anything, is how you do everything”

If you missed, or simply would like to reference the other issues

As we’ve covered before in previous issues, how you convey the value you bring customers and companies is dependent on “product” which is the transformation

Let’s say you did the do // be // have exercise we shared before

You’d start with “what are the 3 things I help my customer”

  • Do
  • Have
  • Become

That would become your brand promise – for GrowthHaxx ours is we empower creatives (kickass problem solvers) to take on bigger, more interesting problems to improve our quality of life (internally we say we love helping creatives become unfcukable with) 

Once we had our “why” HOW we get there is only limited by our imaginations

As we moved along, conveying that transformation on the b2c (business to consumer) became easier

And while we are big believers there really is no difference between b2c // b2b – we’ll indulge the idea that there might be for this issues sake

Because if you’re anything like us, you’re tired of and would like to avoid companies like this

And clients like this

Packaging is marketing, and marketing is a conversation that gets folks to take some form of action

So how to rise above the noise? 

👆 Not like this

Look back at the projects you’ve been a part of, companies you’ve worked with or for

  • What was the coolest thing you achieved?
  • What was the biggest obstacle you tackled?
  • What resources did you have?
  • How did you leverage your team and resources?

You’re beginning to put together a case study!

Here’s the template we use

Here’s what one looks like once complete 

Practice packaging your transformations – an awesome result if you’d like to explore creating content is breaking down those case studies by focusing on the what and the why (the how is what they pay you for) – this December we’ll begin tackling this together in our new and improved membership

Which takes us to the second and fun part of this issue, adding a little panache into how you


Pro Tip:

“Why beg for a seat at a table, when you can build your own”

Katriel C Sarfati

Talk about a huge blessing! 

While most folks couldn’t understand how a long established business could’ve dropped the ball this bad 

We’re not really concerned with that – we’re focused on the golden opportunity and proof that there is an audience that he can serve – and a transformation he can deliver to businesses and consumers

That’s a connection big businesses pay big money to access

Authenticity tends to pay off – take for example how a Community came together to save a DC Restaurant Known for Serving Less Fortunate from closing down during covid lockdowns

You see all these co’s bleeding right?


And if building isn’t your thing, look @ your circle, are they building something that would improve your career?

Like Carvey Maigue, a Filipino Student Invented Solar Windows that transform rotten fruit and vegetables into clean, renewable electricity ⚡️

We’re about to see a lot of rising stars over the next 3//5 years

Carrying on what we went over in the produce section, let’s say you too wanted to begin showcasing your talents, (even if you’re on the fence) it’s important to remember that your online presence can be leveraged like a resume

Something that holds a lot of folks back is the idea that humor and soul are dangerous territory – but think for a second – when do you have your best ideas? 

Some have said while in the shower 

Kids tend to say when they’re playing

Humor can take something boring like a recipe, and play

Here’s something you can use this week put some soul into your online presence

Take what you promise as a transformation:

For example: a recent project we set in motion is for specifically for wholesalers // flippers, our transformation (brand promise) is aimed at how many struggle with acquiring deals (sellers) AND acquiring buyers 

Put together headlines that promise a result:

So would brand promise is to take away the pain of the buyers side, they can now focus on being kickass flippers

Here’s a recent test headline that promises a result 

Use numbers in your writing:

As seen above – we cut right to chase and tell wholesalers exactly what to expects while peaking interest 

Think of someone in your life you care about, how would you text them? Write to them? Write to them (not crowds)

This Growth // Codex is written in that very format, we’re not for everybody – we’re for a specific type of person

So we write to a specific person – if you scroll back up to the beginning of the issue you’ll see what we mean, who inspired the issue, and what we are about to get into 

Here’s how we also used that premise with how we write for someone visiting a my fast flip ad

If you’re stuck – ASK:

As my mother always says “el que pregunta, aprende” 

Translation: those who ask, learn

Instead of assuming, we go right to our people and ask

Another example

Get to the point on social

Remember your brand promise? It cuts and clarifies, helping a new visitor know exactly what we’re about

And leads to engagements like this

We tend to get this question a lot – it gives us opportunities galore to empower creatives to take on bigger more interesting problems if they’re not worried about getting paid right? 😃 

Simplify jargon:

What’s the churn on that? ROI? SQL? 

Confused Rooster Teeth GIF by Achievement Hunter

Don’t assume everyone knows what you’re talking about, this is also known as curse of knowledge

Get it? Got it? Good, now on to


Pro Tip:

“And you can’t sell me bullshit, we know the prices .”

Album: The Blueprint // Artist: Jay-Z

The question you saw above via Kriselle about making sure you get paid is near and dear to us

When I left corporate America some years ago, it was because I was tired of glass ceilings and being told that office politics should be my priority. And I’d be damned if I made ass-kissing and schmoozing mediocre middle management just to be allowed a seat at the big boys table a priority

I’d go from freelancer to consultant to agency owner 

Our Sales process before looked a little something like

  • Receive referral or lead with their wants and needs
  • Send questionnaire
  • Send proposal 
  • Get deposit 
  • Start work 
  • Finish work and get paid
The Undertaker Reaction GIF by WWE

Towards the end of my time as an agency owner it looked a little more like this

Btw, if you’ve found value in any of your Growth // Codex issues, would you be kind enough to share it with someone 😃 , would be as simple as sharing the link via text, or to your Twitter, etc

Thee days, as a (media) company it looks a little something like this

  • Free call (we offer 45 mins)
  • Paid workshop 
  • Present report and a call to action 
  • Get paid in FULL
  • Start work

We decided to add a little stuffing to this weeks issue

One, because it’s our founders Bday week

Two, with the world being in limbo you and I tend to perform better when we have some form of clarity, some tools, and a goal

Three because we had a little technical difficulties in sending this out yesterday

Till next week, here’s to escaping average

Your response and feedback helps us, help you, so

How did we do? How did you feel about this format and style? Your feedback improves every issue, which improves the value you get out of it

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