How Being Wrong Keeps Us Growing // Going

What scares you the most about friction? Disagreements?

The other day, during a call w/ Sean Gray (GrowthHaxx Head Of Sales & Biz Development) we hit a brick wall 🤦‍♂️, then another, and then another

I was saying one thing // he was saying another – and I couldn’t hide my excitement 💡

I love this part

For years I’ve seen this be where most businesses crumble.

Someone would pull rank and the whole thing became a d*ck measuring contest – as soon as friction began, there was this rush to “put out the fire”

But, not here


Sean’s way smarter than me @ what he does, so when I’m off, being… well… me, i tend to nerd out

Over time, I’ve learned to be self aware enough to acknowledge that I do tend to see it so vividly I can almost touch in my head – but when I’m saying it out loud… ehh🥴

This sparring pushes me to improve how I communicate. Marketing my idea to someone who trains some of the best sales coaches and made Robert Kiyosaki tens of millions of dollars has become an invaluable practice that tends to lead to our best breakthroughs 

From BIG, to small – this meritocracy leads to stress test ideas – and test them with our tribe 

Ok enough chit chat – look we’re about to see a week or two of slow paced silence, if you’re up to it – it makes for a great time to find out what improvements you can make, like those you can spar with


  • Understand what feedback you want, (coaching, praise, or an evaluation)
  • Don’t wait. A feedback loop moves better when you start right away, with fresh information
  • Improve your questions, we started asking specific questions, ask for specific examples to avoid armchair theory and focus more on real world practice

Not Helpful:

  • Asking just anyone for feedback. We’ve learned and enforce asking the most qualified person we have access to
  • We heard from many that scheduling a weekly meeting was the best way to remain running smoothly, we’ve learned that this didn’t lead to results – just more meetings – we excel by picking up convos at anytime, anywhere
  • We had received advice at first that suggested working on avoiding conflict was paramount, while it makes sense to not have to fight, common decency and our sparring skills have proven far more effective

Nothing is truly one size fits all, us cursing, roasting each other and calling the other on a weak argument has led to breakthrough after breakthrough. 

Somehow, not listening to what the popular kids are saying has proven to be helpful for us, design tinker and test what works for you

You might just enjoy it 

Here’s to escaping average, because fcuk normal 

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