On Doubling Your Rates [How We Did It]

Tired of dealing with

  • Know it alls?
  • Demanding customers?
  • Difficult customers?

We were too, so we tried something…

We noticed that the work and time that went into a $5,000 customer wasn’t all that different than one that was $500

So we set off to execute 3 steps

Step One:

We looked for someone who was newer to the game

Began referring the ones we liked to them

And fired the rest

Step Two:

We experimented w/ adding more features, more services Eventually learned that less IS more Solve a BIG problem one at a time consistently and the customer will not only stay but bring you better business

Walking Hat GIF

Step Three:

CREATE, don’t compete While the majority focused on features, ads, and buying Forbes features We learned that the right customer isn’t always who you think The more we created, the more we helped, the more we simplified, the bigger the fish who noticed us became

turntables GIF

This would lead to

  • Referral $
  • Relationships kept w/ good customers
  • Higher rates
  • Less work
  • Stronger network

In all, this transition took about 7 months to execute but it’s been totally worth it, the guide we use for pivots like this is part of your welcome gift for those who follow the Growth // Codex, haven’t signed up? Check it out here

Here’s to escaping average

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