Hate Podcasts? So do we, here are the ones that made the cut

What podcasts do you love? Enjoy?

At the beginning of the month, we asked folks to share podcasts they were enjoying, & got A LOT of recommendations (we’re still listening to recs)

We normally finds podcasts boring, here are 5 we’re loving so far 👇

They were the first to comment, so only fair they’re the first on the list @MPWeirdoPodcast

What I liked: It was like a sitting down for coffee w/ someone, concise and intelligent

Manic pixie weirdo podcast
Click to listen

Next up is @bestfilmeverpod
These mfers LOVE movies // shows & it shines through in their episodes, it felt like I was @ a bar with some friends

Best film ever podcast
Click to listen

Admittedly, as a Dad, Nerd, & someone who studies anthropology as a hobby, I’m a bitttt biased here – I’m @curichildpod target audience, they cover history and science and so much more – a perfect podcast for Nerdy parents 👌

Curiosity of a child podcast
Click to listen

Nostalgia alert! @levarburton hosts Levar Burton Reads 😃🙌

I mean… it’s LeVar Burton, he hand-picks a different piece of short fiction, and reads it to you. nuff said

Levar Burton podcast
Click to listen

Last but def not least, @LatinosOutLoud_

This podcast felt like I was back on my stoop in Brooklyn, a nostalgic piece of home where we shoot the shit and crack jokes

Latinos out loud podcast
Click to listen

Thank you to everyone who shared their recommendations, we’re still listening to a lot of them – stay tuned!

More to follow 😃🏆🤟

Stay blessed bitchachos

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