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Issue 18 // A New Look On Leverage

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Welcome back Misfit, in this issue, we take another look at a Growth Hackers’ favorite tool, leverage.

What do you consider leverage?

Time, experience, and several people who make pretty damn good power moves have taught us that there are three great levers we’ll explore in this issue

  • People
  • Capital
  • Tech

So let’s get right into it shall we

First things first, taking a look at improving how & what we

Produce //

Pro tip:

People have a strong tendency to go along with the status quo or default option. — Excerpt: Nudge, Improving Decisions // Richard Thaler 

Three things kill a company

  • Market fit
  • Leadership
  • Hustle porn

Last week, as I visited a Barnes & Noble for the first time in months, I was reminded why Amazon is eating their lunch — At first glance, they’re doing what textbooks would define as good

But they don’t measure what matters to the customer — prices are higher there than Amazon, selections limited, and that’s before we even get into their Nook tech

Seth Meyers Reaction GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

What do you measure?

As we speak we’re tackling a cool new project where there was this awesome thing made, but because they went about promoting it the same way as always, it hardly reached anyone

While we are set off on improving how it’s promoted, here what they did right (and why we agreed to work with them)

The creators were awesome at using these questions in their creation process to stay focused (copy and paste them in your notes app 😉 )

  • When do your customers reach the end result?
  • Does this apply to all our customers?
  • Is this moment measurable?
  • What’s the best frequency for them? (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Do external factors have an impact?

If you’ve checked out the previous issues, we’ve mentioned that when you’re creating something for customers – it behooves you to put yourself in their shoes, see life through their eyes

Animated GIF

You’re selling the transformation, the features, and all that is just the “guts” the “engine” of it all

If it’s a movie, the names might attract them, but how they felt watching it is what makes it a classic, same with food, tech, cars, etc

People aren’t buying your features, they’re buying what your creation does for them

Alright now, save this in your notes app and let’s get moving over to improving how we 

Promote //

Pro tip:


and again, and then again, again

render infinite loop GIF by Trippyogi

Getting found by your people is a whole new game these days and will only keep going this route for the next 5 years minimum


Because people have fallen into silos, echo chambers and play on an algorithm that rewards the behavior

One of our major goals is to not have to spend any money on IG // FB ads – ZERO


Cause it’s a fcuking racket! Double dipping

Why it matters

As more and more people pile into social media platforms, it also skews things — here what I mean

Take IG // FB for example, you play and post on a platform

You gain an audience

You hit a wall, so you pay to reach more people

You hit another wall, they’ve now throttled your reach

So you pay to reach more of the people who follow you

But there’s a better way

Explore what you’re people want and why it matters to them. Anything else is hustling backwards

What this means for you

Look, it is what it is, for the foreseeable future, these platforms are popular, yes

But the only game in town? Nope

Take content, for example, we pick an evergreen topic, and then it becomes something like a blog or IG post, but then it gets repurposed as a

  • Tweetstorm
  • YouTube video
  • Medium article
  • Podcast episode
  • Instagram story
  • Reddit post
  • Quora answer
  • LinkedIn article

Create once, distribute as many times as people show interest and need

Get started this week:

Here are some types of posts you can start trying this week

  • Debunk a myth
  • Meme: if you suck @ memes, share your favorite ones and tag the creator when possible
  • Share a behind the scenes look
  • Poke a big bear (Growth // Haxx does this with big corps, shitty CEO’s and bullies)


Growth // Haxx MOOD

You get the point right?

P.S. We’ve added a whole lot of bells and whistles to what we’re bringing you, including an all-new dashboard that prioritizes

  • Connecting with your customers where they are
  • Shows you your online reputation
  • Helps you track what keywords you rank for (both good and bad)
  • Get your product into the right hands
  • Oh and before we forget, you can schedule posts to IG, FB Linkedin, and Twitter


Learn more about the upcoming Media // Maven here

Now, let’s move on to improving how we

Profit //

Pro tip: 

jay z growth haxx

If there’s anything growing up in certain… elements has taught me, it’s to watch my ass and keep my head on a swivel, but not just for the bad stuff, the great stuff too.

There was this bodega owned by a Dominican dude that was so damn proud of his business. He treated that place like it was his Taj Mahal

He taught us, kids, to start writing out what it looks like to have you want and tell yourself you deserve it

Then, I met a pusher gone legit

It would take years to translate what he meant, but what he learned and applied was the following

  • Compartmentalization
  • Sales
  • Research
  • First-principles theory

He owned a pen factory that netted him $1.5mil a year!

Don’t overthink it, just start

keep it simple GIF by Swing Left

Here, for example, is a way one of our colleagues, Orlando Gomez found a cool way to break into tech


I, for example, am expanding on some projects so naturally, have to brush up on some other skills, like SQL, here are some of the free resources I’ve found and am enjoying 

Oracle Dev Gym has these online classes (with certificates of completion)

For Beginners

For those brushing up 

Did I mention it’s free?

Some more for your consideration

side hustle

Sh*t I Tell Myself I Need:

Hate Podcasts? So do we, here are the ones that made the cut

Want to meet your people halfway? Engage more customers? Advertise with Us

Alright now, this was fun, if you find yourself stuck at any moment, don’t hesitate to let us know on our Twitter or Instagram

Till next time, stay blessed bitchachos, here’s to escaping average

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