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What’s good misfit!

Before we get started, just wanted to say a huge kudos to everyone trying, over the past few months we’ve learned so much about you, the sh*tshows you go through and the wins along the way

2022 is around the corner and we’re excited to see (and share) the wins you have in store for you

From the team, here’s some stuff we thought was

Good to know

We’re launching an all-new dashboard that helps you navigate social media and your online presence by helping you operate as your own media company, stay tuned!

Oughta know

Forget Motivating Your Team, Try This Instead

Cool to know

Microsoft says the SolarWinds hackers have struck again

This time targeting companies both stateside and overseas

Alright now, let’s move on to improving how we

Produce //

Before we reinvent the wheel, it’s worth looking back to leverage what we’ve already figured out.

How to think like Shakespeare

You can be the best chef ever, but if you insist on not cooking what your customer likes, your failure is not only your fault but your fetish.

What if you were the best in the world at the thing you do, but no one recognized it?

Or worse, you worked and worked towards something that you knew would change the world, but no one understood your vision?

no one gets me love & hip hop GIF by VH1

A few issues in, and this section alone has caused some a stir, along with some people sharing their gripes with the process of taking an idea, and making it into something successful.

We could bullsh*t you with some rare feel-good stuff, or we could be upfront with you

For every seat, there’s an ass.

This is something I heard a lot growing up, today it would be something like the stories of how the person who launched the pet rock became rich af. You could get mad or you could learn from why it made them rich

Years of meeting successful people has taught me this process:

The boring work pays for the cool work you do, the cool work you do is what wins you the cred and exposure to get better paying boring work.

Why overthink this? It’s a hustle and flow that applies to pretty much any industry and profession, stop reinventing the wheel, a common person I hear used by professional perfectionist procrastinators is Steve Jobs, which is ironic as hell, considering the guys true north was simplification and speedy execution…

Promote //

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn a reputation by trying to do hard things well.

— Jeff Bezos

Don’t play yourself chasing the fauxtivism wave

All these companies that slap rainbow flags in “support” for the LGBTQ community, the countless others that tweeted and posted about how they’re dedicated to diversity, and several other buzzwords have brought about a series of unfortunate events… for themselves mostly

you read that right, 3/4 of people wouldn’t care if a company went away and never came back…

tupac shakur eye roll GIF

When you signed up for this digest, you received a copy of our book, Build this, Bounce back (here it is again for reference), at its core is the formula we use to establish a foundation, a knee-jerk reaction to how we do things.

One of the best results of using this system is that regardless of whatever is happening, we don’t have to worry, second guess, hire overpriced publicists, or even put out statements, we just GO

Same for the companies that have trusted us with their growth  

Simplify things for you and your team, download it, implement it, and focus more on growth while contributing to something you can be proud of, after all, entrepreneurship is activism

Profit //

Money is options, options are keys

— Victor (My Mentor growing up)

Growing up, JayZ is someone some of my friends and I looked up to, not only is he from Brooklyn, like me, from Marcy, where I was born, but also someone that learned through rejection after rejection, when no labels wanted him, he would jump into a Nissan Pathfinder with Dame Dash and crew and tour city to city, playing any venue that would take him there was this one lyric that stuck with us,

To let ’em know what a n**ga look like, when a n**ga in a roaster Show ’em how to move in a room full of vultures Industry shady, it need to be taken over Label owners hate me I’m raisin’ the status quo up Izzo (H.O.V.A) // Jay Z

“That market is saturated” used to mean something bad, but once we realized there are 7 billion people on this planet, and the internet is a thing, we quickly forgot what a barrier was

jay z no GIF

Not too long ago, we shared how the work you put into a $5,000 customer isn’t all too different than that of a $500 customer, the responses were funny, but it is what it is

Here’s how we monetized this newsletter from day one

  • We took the audience size from all our brands
  • Outlined the main value delivered to subscribers (Produce, Promote, Profit)
  • Made a media kit on Canva
  • Texted, called, and dmed previous customers with a gift, and a heads up that we would be offering the first couple of slots for 50% off
  • Over delivered on what they were expecting through growth hacking

For example, with newsletters, ad prices are based on # of subscribers but also how many people take an action and how many open the emails

So when the first to sign on noticed we were delivering up to double what we had promised, they were quick to come back This brings me to this thought, the best marketing, doesn’t look like marketing, and the best profits hardly ever come from chasing what’s hot today, it comes from you leveraging

  • What you know
  • What you love
  • What you’re the best at
  • Where you show people how this benefits them

As mentioned above, the boring work pays for the cool work you do, the cool work you do is what wins you the cred and exposure to get better paying boring work

Look at what people are already buying, do you want to sell to repeat customers?

One and done?

Start there and then move on to markets. Whether it’s software, or sneakers, (for every seat there’s an ass remember) folks are already in the market for stuff, you can see how what you sell pair well with that, or could represent another (better) option for them

Case in point: As we speak our upcoming dashboard that helps you operate more as a media company would traditionally “compete” with brands like Hootsuite, but if I thought that way I wouldn’t have gone and signed a well known Hollywood production studio to be one of our first customers

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Sh*t I Tell Myself I Need

Here’s a fun roundup of some of our favorite books to help you produce, promote, and profit

Priceless: William Poundstone (this one’s great for those who want to raise their prices)

Pitch Anything: Oren Klaff

Positioning: Al Ries, Jack Trout

Influence: Robert Cialdini

Bonus: Hate podcasts? So do we, however, we thought why knock it, why not explore a little more? Here are 5 podcasts that made the cut

If you’ve read up till now, thank you! We hope you got some value out of it and at the very least, a little hope Here’s to escaping average,


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