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What would you do with an extra 30hrs a week?

If you had a command station, where you could

  • Engage with your customers,
  • See how they feel
  • Find new ones
  • Rely less on paid ads
  • AND automate your marketing on social media

What would you do with it?

media maven

Simplification is the goal

Accessible Everywhere

Work from your smartphone, tablet, gamer console, or Macbook – Growth // Haxx is your personal workspace, it goes where you take it

BS Free Zone

At Growth // Haxx we test, tinker, fail, and get our hands dirty

IG // Clubhouse Gurus need not apply, we don’t need more messiahs, or “experts”, we need more doers.

Community Support

The product could be amazing, but if customer service sucks, so does the company.

Ask questions, enjoy perks, get the support you deserve via our community board

Free Trial

Test the waters with a risk free trial run.

Simply apply – if your brand is a good fit, we’ll get you access, resources, and much more for 30 days

Social Media keeps evolving, so can you

Use the same strategies and tools Growth Hackers do to:

Meet your customers (old, new, and prospective) where they are

Spend less on ads

Leverage tech and time

We use this ourselves to run our brands that currently reach over


People on Social


Email Inboxes


Business Owners


Industries // Spaces

Start Here

Test // Run

Free for 15 days

Extra features

Lifetime free support

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Full access

No hidden charges!

Media // Maven

$49 // month

Extra features

Lifetime free support

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Full access

No hidden charges!

Media // Maven

$99 // 3 months

Extra features

Lifetime free support

Upgrate options

Full access

No hidden charges!

Haritini Pandis

What Our Customers Are Talking About

My main issue was pin pointing what my strengths were. I was completely in denial.

Joining expanded my possibilities and what makes me happy about being a part of GrowthHaxx is that the leader behind it wants to see you succeed, he gives you the blueprint step by step, and the ability to bounce ideas off him along the way.

Don’t think twice, sign up and learn. Absorb as much as you can. I’ve found my tribe

Haritini Pandis // Business Development

The Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an app? How do i download it?

Lucky for you, it’s not

This is a SaaS you can use from your smartphone, tablet, and laptops.

Anywhere you are, we got you

What’s the difference between this and Hootsuite?

They’ve got something stellar over there, while we do offer some things that are similar, we focus less on social media managers and more on what you need to do what Growth Hackers do





You’ll find resources such as CRM tools, how to’s, and much more

Why do i have to apply for a free trial?

Two reasons:

  1. The number of people who sign up for free trials hardly (if ever) finish using them efficiently
  2. Growth // Haxx isn’t for everyone, working with countless SaaS companies has taught us that trying to serve everyone, leaves you broke, bitter, and not delivering the best to those who stand to benefit the most from what you create
Who do i contact for support?

DM us on Twitter or Instagram

Free Resources

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