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A few years ago, whenever people would ask me the age-old question “what do you do?” and I answered Growth Hacker, there was such a funny mix of confused looks, blank stares, and “ohhh, I’ve heard of those.” Thankfully with time, more and more of you have been learning more about what it is we love doing, and how our love of User Experience (also known as UX) benefits you

User Experience (also known as UX), a fundamental element of growth, if you’ve never heard of, or worked on UX here’s a quick intro:

What is UX?

User experience (UXis the interaction and experience users have with a company’s products and services

It’s no secret that growth is the key to success. Without growth, profits remain flat, which is why we have seen so much interest in the process of ‘growth hacking‘ among startups and most recently, the fortune 500 crowd starting taking notice.

When it comes down to it, growth happens through marketing and customer service, and the best happens when you use the best tools with some love thrown in the mix

charlie hunnam yes GIF

Here are 3 of the tools we’ve tried, tested, and keep coming back to


Landing pages are extremely important when it comes to converting visitors into customers, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it can be difficult to build and test them thoroughly. Unbounce makes this process much easier. With a drag-and-drop interface, the program makes it easy to set up pages and create forms – even if you don’t know how to code. Which came in handy when we brought in help with A/B split testing, Tried, true, and reliable as one of the best tools out there

easy office space GIF making user experience


These days, plenty of marketers talk a big game about big data, but few of them actually use the information they have to make meaningful decisions. If they did we wouldn’t exist.  Maptive gives you an easy way to mine your data – allowing you to upload a spreadsheet of addresses and see them laid out on a custom map. We’ve used it in a dozen industries ranging from Real Estate to selling digital products. This tool comes in handy when planning the best spots for upcoming campaigns, or answer any other question you have about the geography of your data.

season 5 eddie creating user experience

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Want to know how visitors are behaving on your site? CrazyEgg shows you where they click, how far they scroll, what they watch, amongst other cool features. CrazyEgg’s heat-mapping tools allow you to segment your traffic and determine whether certain design or content elements are resonating more with one group than another. Remember the aforementioned A/B testing? This gets you essential feedback on your site in a very short amount of time. Best of all,  It’s easy to use, affordable tool that will make a big difference in your messaging and growth

Heidi Klum Reaction GIF for great user experience

Bonus round:

Some fun surprises came from this unexpected gem (like increasing our retention and filtering through “dead” leads)


I don’t know about you, but online surveys tend to be dull and robotic – these dry forms certainly don’t encourage interaction and feel like homework. Instead, we’ve started testing out Typeform to create surveys that are fun, interactive, and enjoyable to look at. The better the end-user responds, the better our data! The better the data, the easier it is to unveil patterns and trends.

If you’re reading this, and feeling kind of burnt out (it’s ok if you’re not open about it too) just remember, no one can manage growth alone, which is why it’s so important that you have the right tools.

If you haven’t checked them out yet, we also compiled a powerful list of resources for scrappy creatives, and another one for awesome social media tools we love using 

As a company that was built on the very premise and practice of Growth Hacking, we’re excited to share more of what has been the most beneficial to us, test them out, make some adjustments and you’re well on your way to virtually guaranteeing your company’s growth and success.

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Do you use any of these tools (or any others) to encourage growth in your company?

Share your experiences here!

As we share more behind the scenes on what we do on Instagram the responses have been fun, enlightening, and downright awesome getting to know my audience more.

From Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Employees alike. Questions are welcome and encouraged! this week we received this from one.

The adrenaline is rushing, you’ve searched the web for hours, you’ve designed a makeshift logo and told all your friends and family about your new endeavor……

First things first;

You’re the Captain of This Ship

Take stock of your skills, just because you want to be a CEO, doesn’t mean half-ass it. This is serious business and this requires you to look at Roles and Responsibilities

George Lopez I got this

Why Are You Doing What You’re Doing?

There’s commercial and there’s residential. PICK ONE and be the best damn company at that. This also means looking at why you love doing this job.

One company I worked with years ago started off doing paving and finishes on homes because that was what the founder learned as a kid working with his father.

That made his charm and love for that niche stand out and he began to build a rep for being the Picasso of stucco, as his community grew, so did he.

Michael scott the best

Today he’s expanded into commercial handling facade work for some impressive high rises in upper Manhattan.

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Shaking Hands and Kissing Babies

I earned my stripes in real estate, and for years I observed as more than half of NYC’s deals were done outside of the public eye and with a handshake.

If you’re not a charismatic person or don’t have luck building rapport with Real Estate Investors you’re out of luck because that’s your bread and butter.

Homeowners will not be your bread and butter, and big commercial. projects don’t fall out of the sky.

Real Estate is the market you serve FIRST.

Wall Street real estate markets
Fugazzi Fug-AH-Zee the market lives off waves

Homeowners and Development firms need stamps of approval from their peers before doing business with you.

Last but not least, bootstrap. This means whatever your company’s’ specialty is, consider being a subcontractor to bigger companies that act as generalists.

You Inc Thrival Kit

Most general contracting firms outsource 3/4 of their work.

Oh and one more thing, create — don’t compete


Feeling stuck? Send us a message here with your biggest trouble areas and we’ll share the best questions like this

A lot like the word “Entrepreneur”, “Influencer” has become a magnet for the self important and narcissistic. One restaurant in Greece has been shooing grifters left and right with an ingenious idea, asking them to be influential

Original post is in Greek, if you happen to know Greek, you can find it here

If not, here’s the abridged version:

“We receive dozens of messages like this”

I’m an influencer, can I come eat in exchange for posting a photo of your restaurant on instagram?

Exhibit A

And in perfect form, the class begins

Talk about a WIN / WIN / WIN

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No seriously, this is a perfect deal, a WIN for the Influencer, a WIN for the customer, and a WIN for the restaurant

The result?

“No one has accepted to come under this condition. To pay for his food even if I will then offer free food of the same value to people in need. Most of the time they don’t reply and some erase their original message.

Dear influencers: you are making a fool out of yourselves by trying to create a fake cosmopolitan lifestyle based on begging” chamallow81, via Reddit

Major Key 🔑

A lot like the Ice Cream truck owner who charges Influencers double the price – the internet had a field day with these influencers

Black Belt Indeed

That right there is the very point of anyone becoming an influencer – it’s not going to go away tomorrow, but the game has and will continue to change over the course of time

As more and more people label themselves influencers, the bright side is that it’ll allow those with skill and empathy to shine and create a clear value proposition.

Not to mention more and more people are exposing them, like the ones who coopted anti racist movements for likes

The rest will just have to bug us with their spam bots praising them as the next forex god

Here’s to escaping average 🤙

P.S. Get the very same contract we use when working on influencer campaigns – it’s prefilled with what to measure and how – dm/message us here

Dear Tommy (and all the Tommy’s out there)

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Titans *Rogues*

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Photo by Gary Butterfield
Photo by Gary Butterfield

While I don’t have all the info to make a more informed professional opinion, I CAN say with much confidence that with what you’ve already built, you’re looking at a great platform to SCALE with and scale NOW (yes as soon as you’re done reading this)

As I’ve covered before, how do you win a game that’s rigged against you? You CREATE, don’t compete


Trust But Verify

Sassy Bird Lancaster, California 😍 Sassy Bird Serving Up Some Love

My background in general contracting taught me that taking care of people comes first, it doesn’t matter if they’re getting a whole new kitchen or some of Lancaster’s best chicken, making sure you remember that the customer is going throughh this and money’s tight was a great reminder.

When we started working with Frank he was juggling lockdown, he went into action, which included:

  • Learning new skills
  • Leveraging his existing audience to learn more about them (see questions mentioned above)
  • Personally talking to his customers
  • Focused on putting his staff in their customers’ shoes over and over
  • Experimented with delivery options
  • Involved his staff in improving their offerings

Katriel C Sarfati Nerd Gone Rogue

Sovereignty Is The Security

Wish You Were More Creative? Beginners Mind Might Just Be For You— An Intro

Dwayne The Rock Johnson
Who’s gonna treat you better than you?

Countless businesses have shared that they’re struggling with Marketing / Advertising since February – citing It doesn’t feel “right” to market right now

Many tend to say behind closed doors that they want things to go back to normal…

Doctor who

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Some of the worries they’ve shared include

• Not wanting to be insensitive during Covid

• Not sure how or if they should say anything about Black Lives Matter

• The economy getting worse by the day 👎

These all share the same thing, FEAR

The good news is, if you think of your brand as a person, a lot of the “How” becomes easier… a LOT easier. Which begs the question, as of today:

What type of person is it?

How would that person respond during a pandemic?

How would that person respond to racial inequality?

While old school biz theory would say its best to remain neutral – many brands are attempting to be more human, charting new territory

Huge plus 👍

If you’re open to building a more human brand, you’ll enjoy not only less stress at work

But a better connection with who you serve, it’s how my friends and I have built some brands without spending a dime

Here’s a sneak peek at the action items I’ve used for years to help brands outpace their competition

Nerd Gone Rogue
Part 1
Branding Exercise
Part 2
Sarfati Standard
Part 3

These are great questions to sit down with yourself / team and take a good look at your relationship with your customers

Keep in mind, this is to create a human led brand

This requires transparency & mission driven work

This exercise is based on our Go-To methods that blend Growth Hacking, Consumer Economics, and Behavioral Psychology, grab your copy here (bonus: it’s free)

Let me know how your exercise goes!

Here’s to escaping average 🤙

Official statement from SONY
Statement Via Sony

SONY says “nah” to folks anticipating their all new PS5 in response to the gruesome death of Breonna Taylor (who would’ve turned 27 today) Ahmad Aubrey, and George Floyd

Whomever is running their PlayStation Twitter account, we see you!

Their exchange was nothing short of dope

PlayStation was like “did we stutter?”

In an age where fauxtivism is running rampant, it’s refreshing to see companies actually stand for something, match their words with actions.

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Looks like we’ll be getting a PS5 when they come out.

I can’t begin to go down the list of times I’ve had to just stare blankly at a company that cries about how little sales they get yet pour little to no money into marketing, brand building or even customer service.

I almost feel like they’re messing with me and I wait around to see if they’re gonna surprise me with an “ahhh I got you good man!”

But alas…. they never say “I got ya good” and I’m left to wonder how I ended up in this room with this self-centered executive standing in front of me….

In a way, it’s almost poetic knowing that a lot of companies die due to being so selfish. Sure this doesn’t exactly apply to the monopoly in financial institutions and government but for the rest of y’all, you’re not gonna make it very long.

For the rest of you who are proactively looking to better the lives of your customers and build a formidable team, here’s how to build your brand without spending another dime and improve customer service at the same time (based on actual case studies).

In the early days of GrowthHaxx, I was all about trying to make every.single.customer happy, even if they weren’t all that respectful, smart, or easy to work with.

After all, I was new to the game and I needed to make money! I quickly found myself burned out because I was helping the wrong people. Worst of all I wasn’t growing! About a year had gone since I had seen any real growth in customers.

So after going back to the whiteboard, and observing like a hawk for 5 months, I discovered that my best customers demanded less of my time, and referred me almost half of my business.

So, I picked one of my favorite customers who was about to get a nice investment and was ready to scale and pitched him my theory/hypothesis which we’ll break down today.

Guess what the first step was in increasing the quality of our customers?

We Raised Prices

I got my start in business via a cell phone business I founded at 15 which then led to Real Estate. In both businesses, I noticed that the cheapest apartments and cheapest plans/phones came with the biggest headaches.

Without getting into semantics, just the observation that this was a constant, so eventually I began dropping those offerings or worked with sharing those assignments with others that were better at it than myself. Which then led us to recognize that a big focal point was to..

Keeping The Bad Customers Away

Something interesting began to happen as we adjusted out pricing: the higher the price, the discrepancies, and conflicts we had to support dropped dramatically.

During some of our feedback discussions with our customers, many reported that they viewed their purchase as an investment in their relationship with us, this directly affected the level of attention and respect they put into our relationship and them wanting to make it a fruitful and happy one.

Communication Is Key

Sometimes, these “bad” customers are frustrated because they’re confused. Sometimes they’re not getting the message in terms they understand, its all about finding out what they think, want and need…. you know, customer relations are a lot like dating. You may mean one thing but say another without realizing it.

It’s your responsibility to make it known who should be doing business with you, exactly what product or pricing they should expect, and exactly what they should expect once they start working with you. Emphasis on the with (you can almost hear the control freaks squirming in their seats reading this).

Remember, your customer and you are in a relationship…. respect, communication, and the occasional loving gesture…

Effective communication not only helps your customer relations but benefits your marketing substantially.

When we went through our emails/ messages we each found that there was a lot of questioning concerning things like “what features do you offer?”

or “do you offer discounts?” “where you located?”,

Questions you can easily answer via your product page, or a carefully curated FAQ page.

The Results Speak For Themselves

In only 1 month for me, and 3 months for my buddy, this theory in practice not only refined our marketing but improved our customer satisfaction via being able to increase our value offers in every product.

After we moved on to the next phase (after testing we moved on to maintenance and then scaling) we began to identify customers’ needs very early on. Something as simple as us emailing them to make sure they understood it all and what their expectations were helped us weed out anyone who might not be a great fit for what we offered. Saving both the customer and us unnecessary grief.

For those that stayed, we were able to organically form a greater relationship, with better communication that lead to better results all around. In case you haven’t noticed yet, this is all key to your brand… your brand is your reputation.

And what better reputation than amazing customer service with results that exceed your expectations.

Here’s to escaping average