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Job Spotlight

Social Media and Public Relation Executive Freelance

Socielity Anywhere $25- $35 / hour $15000

The Social Media & PR Executive will be responsible for increasing hotel marketing communication across a variety of social media

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Sales Development Representative (SDR) Full Time

Gray Area Sales Scottsdale, AZ $$2000 per month plus commission - $$2500 per month plus commission

Who We’re Looking For: The ideal candidate is an energetic self-starter with the ability to identify influencers and key decision-makers

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Senior Manager Finance Internship

Travelsea Moscow, Russia

This position will be responsible for developing plans, analyzing financial results, completing special projects, and producing weekly/monthly reporting relating to

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Letting the results speak for themselvesMember Reviews

Sassy Bird

Frank Lopez // Co Founder: Sassy Bird

I was working long hours and feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere, I joined expecting to just hire some help, what ended up happening was I learned how to scale, delegate and train the staff which freed up 8 hours a day.

This free time allowed me to focus on scaling and putting a bullseye 🎯 on bigger goals. I now have the time, money, and systems to launch a second business. I feel like I received way more than I was expecting.

Growthhaxx’s founder helped me improve my mindset, how I saw myself and how I translated that to others around me


Joe Taylor // Founder: Scalp Logic

After following @growthhaxx for a couple of years on Instagram, I reached out to them for some guidance. The founder took me under his wing and shared his knowledge, philosophical views, the importance of the pursuit of happiness, and his wisdom which has especially changed my life, my career, and my success in business.

I was/am blown away by how easy his advice and guidance were for him. Some tips/tricks seemed so simple, yet made an enormous and instant impact on the growth of my business.

I am so fortunate to have a mentor I brag about and a great friend… thank you Katriel!

Haritini Pandis

Haritini Pandis // VP Business Development

My main issue was pin pointing what my strengths were. I was completely in denial, and wasn’t able to fully see the potential until speaking to Katriel. I’ve discovered more about myself, which explained why I jumped into the businesses that I have. It was hard for me to focus prior to this.
Joining expanded my mind and what makes me happy about being a part of GrowthHaxx is that the leader behind it actually wants to see you succeed, he gives you the blueprint step by step, and gives you the ability to bounce ideas off him along the way. It’s important to find your tribe as this determines your success.
Don’t think twice, just sign up and learn. Absorb as much as you can.