Welcome To The Tribe

Hi, i’m Katriel

For the past decade, i have been obsessed with why people buy what they buy. As a Growth Hacker, this led to working with countless industries, leading and teaching startup accelerators and landing me into the world of Venture Capital and Private Equity where today, i focus on giving founders the resources, leverage and teams they need to go from good to great.

Katriel C Sarfati

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The time they spent with me was truly the moment of clarity i needed to get over the hump and move forward. I was able to rethink and approach old decisions that had kept my business paralyzed. With Kat, i stopped thinking like a corporate executive and attorney, and acted more like a businessman.

— Matt C, Attorney At Law

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My main issue was pinpointing what my strengths were, it was hard for me to focus prior to this. What makes me happy about working with Katriel is that he actually wants to see you succeed, building blueprints with you step by step. I’ve found my tribe.

— Haritini P. Real Estate & NonProfit

What we focus on


Current projects include an enterprise SaaS powered by AI and Ecommerce portfolio
AUM: $17 MIL


Current projects include fast casual restaurants, consumer product goods, and an upcoming test kitchen


Current projects include a podcast, lifestyle brands, newsletter and upcoming mini series.


Real Estate

Current projects include hospitality company, property management, and single family home portfolios.