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Imagine a world where your best ideas come to life, and improved your quality of life


For years, solving crisis after crisis for companies; from reviving dying brands to scaling new ones, there are clues left behind from each success story (and even more from those that failed).

So we tested, empowering the Creative Misfit, the people who knew things could be done differently, who didn’t mind testing their ideas. Not just to dream bigger, but take action, leveraging their skills and passions in the same fashion one would Growth Hack a company.

We’re Growth Hackers, Head of Sales, CFO’s, who had to design our own career paths because unless we bent over backward to make it through outdated ATS systems, nepotism, and bro cultures, there was little to no ways in which we would advance outside of middle management (or make decent money)

Along the way, we would have founders ask us “where did you find your ads person?” Or “I need a kickass salesperson like yours, where did you find them?”

After matching over 100 (yep, we kept count) talented people with companies we had an aha moment – “how are we having better results than some recruiters?”

Success leaves clues as the saying goes, these clues include how we built Growth Teams, the strategies we use, the corporate cultures we create, and the talent we foster which in turn, leads to true and lasting innovation.

The more we explore the obstacles Businesses and Misfits face, we constantly come back to the same set of problems:

You, Them, Us all have been trained to operate on a model that doesn’t serve anyone but a board, investors, and the “powers” that be.

Ironic, since the customer finances the whole thing, and the teams power the machine.

The Team

Katriel C Sarfati

Katriel C Sarfati

Head of Growth

Sean Gray

Sean Gray

Head of Sales

Menaka Sivanesan

Menaka Sivanesan

Head of Tech


Christian Williams

Head of Finance

Some Of Our Work

Every now and again, we meet people where everything just kinda lines up, and who are building a tomorrow we believe in – so we invest our time, money, resources, and energy into them.

Sassy Bird

Sassy Bird

Tennessee Chicken with Gourmet Taste at Fast Food Prices


Showcasing the people and food that bring a little Sazon to your food, day, and life



World’s First CBD-Infused Colombian Coffee


Cannabis Research & Development Lab