How do you win in a game that's rigged against you?

WHY settle? WHY let your talents feed a machine that doesn't reward talent, skill, or passion?

The more I would explore the obstacles Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs faced, I would constantly come back to the same set of problems: You, Them, Us all have been trained to operate on a model that doesn’t really serve anyone but a board, investors, and the “powers” that be.

This easy to follow, on-demand membership focuses on the ROGUE within all creatives. Cut through the BS and get right to the heart of What Big Box Businesses Keep Missing— in super-condensed form you just can’t forget 

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Katriel C Sarfati Growth Strategist

Hi, I'm Katriel

Also known as NerdGoneRogue, I'm the founder of GrowthHaxx, creator of the Change the Game Challenge, and a Growth Strategist.

I've always been fascinated with how people work, and that's what GrowthHaxx is about. What drives customer behavior? Why do some brands blow up and others don't? Why do some people make better leaders? What variables predict if a company is able to grow? Most importantly, can you predict and change habits and behavior to be more successful?

With my background that's a fun mix of street smarts, behavioral psych and growth hacking, i'm constantly finding ways to make the answer a huge YES.

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People tend to overcomplicate things. In this Masterclass, we dig in and cut through the smoke and mirrors. By the end of the class you'll get started with your breakthrough, some Do's and Dont's, saving you years of mistakes.

Bonus: Get the same formula i've used when building leaders in multiple industries.

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Some of the people that encourage us to keep on keeping on

Haritini Pandis

"...My main issue was pinpointing what my strengths were. I was completely in denial, and wasn't able to fully see the potential until speaking to Katriel. I’ve discovered more about myself, which explained why I jumped into the businesses that I have. It was hard for me to focus prior to this.

Joining expanded my mind and what makes me happy about being a part of GrowthHaxx is that the leader behind it actually wants to see you succeed, he gives you the blueprint step by step, and gives you the ability to bounce ideas off him along the way. It's important to find your tribe as this determines your success. 

Don't think twice, just sign up and learn. Absorb as much as you can.”

Haritini P. - Business Development: Real Estate & NonProfit

Before joining Growthhaxx my biggest challenge was building my client base and getting to know Katriel, and listening to him speak put my fears to rest. 
What surprised me the most was being able to transition from some herbalife clients to developing my own personal brand. 
My favorite results have been being able to focus on creating and not regurgitating information. Which has helped me find my tribe.

You have to be committed to your personal growth and development. Ask questions and stay in the loop. You are not alone, he has been in your shoes before and helps with overcoming your obstacles.

Richardson - RN - BSN - ENTREPRENEUR

Joe Taylor ScalpLogic

" He took me under his wing and shared his knowledge, philosophical views, the importance of the pursuit of happiness, and his wisdom which has especially changed my life, my career and my success in business. I was/am blown away by how easy his advice and guidance was for him. Some tips/tricks seemed so simple, yet made a enormous and instant impact on the growth of my business. I am so fortunate to have a mentor I brag about and a great friend... thank you Katriel!"

Joe Taylor - Entrepreneur

Working with Katriel is a breath of fresh air, as clichéd as that sounds. There's no bullsh*t, he is a conscious leader whose not afraid to reassess his approach. Growth is not just a buzz word with him, it runs literally through his whole entirety.

Having known him for a few years, he's constantly evolved and I've never found myself tired of his tuition. He's not rigid in his approach, he knows the right questions to ask, that allows you to move closer to where you want to be. It's not his dream he's working for, he truly listens to where you want to go.

If you're about copying get rich quick schemes and all that bullshit, then he's not the man for you, don't waste his time.

If you are truly willing to put in the hardwork, and work for your own definition of success - then this is the guy for you. You will not regret investing in a connection with him.

Menaka S. IT Consultant

Yasuw Alvarado Alvarado Consulting

..really helped me focus and get my head in this game and identify crystal clear goals. There was a lot of value and objectives in the challenge that I know I wouldn’t have done if I chose to not take it.

It helped me discover that I can get my company to rank higher and scale through the create, don’t compete method.”

Yasuw A. - Wealth Manager

One of my favorite accounts to follow. I've been a fan for years. Is legit in what he does for people and their businesses. In my honest opinion, he's one of the best Growth Strategists in the game. PERIOD

John B - Entrepreneur

GrowthHaxx Review

...the time you spent with me was truly the moment of clarity I needed to get over the hump and move forward. I was able to rethink my positions on a lot of issues that kept me effectively paralyzed. Further,  I now have a better understanding of how I have to resist thinking like a corporate executive and attorney and think more like a business man/entrepreneur. That advise in and of itself is worth a lifetime of struggles and indecision. Thank you. I am forever grateful.

Matthew C - Attorney At Law

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