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How To Start Practicing Life From an Abundance Mindset

What are you grateful for??

For as long as I can remember my family & friends jokingly call me “Mr silver linings” and while they have a ton of jokes (in good spirits of course).

There’s this stark contrast between having an abundance and scarcity mindset — there’s the mindset of this cup is 3/4 rum and only a splash of coke and then there’s this cup is missing some coke…. the devils in the details they say…

Well, I’m swirling it around .. savoring the dance, thanking whatever energies surround me and counting my blessings; vibes as the kids call it these days.

My math may sound funny to someone with a scarcity mindset but there’s so much that having an abundance mindset has helped me overcome.


View Failure As An Opportunity

Failure is the tuition you pay. You need to embrace failure. It teaches you more about who you are and what you are capable of.

Embrace Optimism

I’ve had people tell me I should “care more” but the thing is I DO. Optimistic people believe that negative events are temporary, limited in scope, and manageable.

The Company You Keep

Always remember that your vibe attracts your tribe. Nature VS Nurture at work here. Jim Rohn has said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Be Water, my Friend

Anyone who follows Nerd Gone Rogue on Instagram knows this is my mantra. Reactive people adopt a victim mentality and believe that their lives are run by external factors.

People who adopt an abundance mindset consciously create their realities. They only concern themselves with what they are able to control and change.

Last but not least


And remember that discovering who that is is not only half the fun but the entire purpose.

it’s about creating a life of possibility

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Here’s to escaping average,

Katriel C Sarfati | Nerd Gone Rogue

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