Down The Rabbit Hole

As I play around with what to share on different platforms, it’s interesting because of how the material is received on each platform

The almost polar opposite reaction oftentimes leaves me scratching my head – a rabbit hole of sorts

But digging deeper

I realized some people connect w/ why Growth // Haxx is a thing & how I got here

Long story short, it started with my biological father being a pathological liar & my grandfather being able to get deals done, lines of credit opened on a HANDSHAKE!

Blew my mind as a child – fast fwd a few years and I’m down this rabbit hole of understanding why people do what they do

Didn’t matter the job I was doing, I always found myself curious

This leads me to explore science communication (aka #scicomm) & behavioral psych

This would lead to working with a HUGE range of industries

  • Adult entertainment
  • Fortune 500’s
  • Fortune 500’s
  • Cannabis
  • This one dude I’m almost certain is a real-life super villain

Have been on the behavioral economics path for years now

Has it been rewarding?

Sure, & its also had its holy Fcuk you Fcukin Fcuk moments

So if you’re reading this, take a sec & your perspective – try revisiting that thing you LOVE researching, learning about

Maybe your dream career is on the other side of that process

Here’s to escaping average 😃🖖

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