Influencer Co Fohr Dragged, Receipts Show They’re Paying Creatives Of Color Thousands Less

We’ve seen Company after Company release copy and paste press releases on how “racism isn’t a part of their company values”. Don’t be surprised if you see one soon from campaign middle man Fohr after it was discovered they paid content creators of color thousands less than their white/white passing counterparts.

@MissBeeBright shares @Talesandturbans tell all

Some of the receipts shared via @talesandturban

With fauxtivism running rampant, and companies constantly purposely excluding tons of amazing talent, this serves as a reminder that we can (and are) here to build an ecosystem that serves us, by us.

Why beg for a seat at a table that for decades “forgets” the invite, and only remembers us when exposed.

Here’s to escaping average

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