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Welcome back – this will be our third issue and man has it been a rewarding process so far

Now, let’s not mince words, sh*t is in fact nuts, but so far – the more of you I speak to, the more it’s evident that you’re a little weird too – a superpower when molded right

Lets get started

rick and morty GIF by Adult Swim

If you missed, or simply would like to reference the first two issues

Over the past week, (un)employment numbers show that we’ve either got to kiss more ass at work, or revisit how we tackle side hustles and our current work (we both know we’re going to choose option 2).

At this point in time employment is abysmal in fact for some people not all getting a job is actually riskier than leveraging their talents // skills. So the first thing I will say is if you happen to be employed don’t fuss keep the day job and use some of that income to invest in leveraging you

If you happen to not have started that you incorporated Thrival kit now is probably a good time to put it on your reminder and go check it out later

*You can find it easily by going into your inbox and searching for your confirmation email when you first signed up* 

If you need it resent – Email me and I’ll resend.

Moving along 

Let’s explore this weeks segment on improving how we


Pro Tip:

Money making isn’t a thing you do – but a skill – and skills can be learned

Naval Ravikant

We all want money – but why?

New home? New car? Maybe you just want to stunt on the gram and show “the haters” a good show

paid pay day GIF

The one thing that frustrates so many of us is the “how” 

Which if you ask anyone, they tend to respond with “hard work”. Lol, the thing is, It’s not really about hard work. You can work a day job 60 hours a week, and chances are, you’re not going to get rich.

With time, mistakes, and a ton of experience, we’re learning that getting rich is more so understanding – ok, which mixed with knowing what to do, who to do it with, and when to do it lead to some badass alchemy.

It’s like that saying 

Measure twicecut once” 


Yes, hard work matters, and you shouldn’t skip on it, it’s the understanding that makes the difference

Take for example fellow members of this growing tribe, some take the info and make the necessary shifts

Some give the Flow State playlist a chance and

Keep in mind that for you, a creative, one of our coolest talents is to take the mundane, the same “stuff” available to everyone else, mix in your personal alchemy and create something better.

It’s why we don’t even pretend to have all the answers, but we can give you our perspectives, experiments and experiences.

For example, I was recently talking to a new member about his business goals, a few times he’d ask something I remember having covered on Twitter, IG, and the website

Each time I’d send him a link that was helpful to his questions, he’d respond with “ah man I totally missed that

But after the 4th link it hit me

“He didn’t ‘miss it’, we missed him

seinfeld now i understand GIF by HULU

The thing about producing better is understanding better – and we wouldn’t be practicing what we post if we didn’t catch that *special note: If you don’t know yet what you want to work on, dedicate time to figuring it out.* While we may have put out the right stuff, it’s not always going to be at the right time.

So we went back and took a look and discovered what got the

  • Most Saves
  • Most Shares
  • Most Profile Visits 


Because what people say and what people do aren’t always going to be the same thing. Everyone wants more money, more info, better leverage, but how many actually do anything for it, with it?

What we’ve learned is that if we zeroed in on what people actually respond to, then we can repurpose the other content and info. It’s in part why we pivoted to displaying more how to – break it down type content via this newsletter and Twitter; and less on IG.

Which takes us to the second and fun part of this segment, the part where we go over improving how you


Pro Tip:

Your customer isn’t going to care about you (per say), they care about what you can do for them


Remember that last bit about understanding?

Processed with MOLDIV

By now you’ve probably noticed that FB has built a nifty toll system for themselves via throttling reach.

Justtt in case you’re not familiar with the term it means that their algorithm ranks your post, that score determines how much of your audience actually sees your posts. To increase your reach they encourage you to “boost” your post which actually means pay… pay for your own audience to see what you posted lol – while I can’t knock their hustle, it has had negative side effects with its users

Following our mantra CREATE, Don’t Compete, we could sit here and go over all the ways to “beat the algorithm” OR we could focus on improving our connection and communication with you, our audiences, and our customers

Here’s where to begin:

Do you and your audience speak similarly? Use the same words?

If yes, awesome skip this list and proceed to the last step

If no, do this

  • Go to Instagram, Twitter (whatever social media you prefer)
  • Find 3 brands similar to yours
  • Go through the comments
  • What are they saying? What feedback are they sharing?
  • Put this in your messaging, in your emails, in your website etc

If you and your audience resonate, you get each other, yours and their opportunities multiply, remember – a Win, Win, Win makes for a rapid growth business (like Airbnb, Uber, Calendly, etc).

Which reminds me, sales are a symptom

Let’s wrap this issue off on a good note, how to better


Pro Tip:

If you have the skill and or opportunity to improve someones quality of life, do it

Katriel C. Sarfati

If you could make someones day for just 25 cents, would you?

Apparently, companies like Chipotle, don’t find it worth it, recently we read that Chipotle’s “free tortilla hack” was a customer favorite – as word of mouth traveled, Chipotle got wind of it and decided to begin charging $0.25 for a side tortilla…

life lol GIF by Chipotle Mexican Grill
Trading one green for another

From personal experience, there are better ways to respond, for example here’s how I did when I owned a pizzeria

At that time I was a kid (20) so there was a lot of bumping around and figuring it out as I went. I noticed my customers were asking pretty frequently for our rolls (even the ones who didn’t order entree meals).

SOOO I made 3 kinds & placed them front & center, and let folks pick their favorite, for free

twin peaks bread GIF by HULU
Our return customers were like…

It costs me 13 cents

Not only were return customers elated, but our returns on that 13 cent roll were 😍

Shark Tank GIF by ABC Network

Then I noticed that customers were asking for extra sauce in those plastic cups with the lid

Amazon.com: Disposable 2oz Plastic Condiment Cups with Lids, Souffle  Portion, Jello Shot Cups, Salad Dressing, Sauce (100, Black): Kitchen &  Dining

At first, i shed a tear of joy, i had entered an industry at an early age and with no experience with cooking at that scale, i took great pride and put a ton of love into learning how to make authentic sauce, and so, I trained my guys to ask folks “how saucy do you want it?”

Hype Keep It Saucy GIF by ONE37pm

Guess what?!

  • Less requests
  • Less sauce used 
  • Happier customers

I can keep going w/ our tests but by now I think you get it.

There’s this old adage I love, “just because you can, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.” Especially when you’re in the Customer experience biz. Prices // Quality is one thing, hospitality is what kept them coming & bringing their fam & friends

Use this discovery strategy to uncover new customer behaviors, new needs, and emerging or nonexistent markets, new areas of opportunity (areas of opportunity) pairs great with your business // career

Alright, now off you go, test, tinker, and remember that the best place to start off is where most quit

Till next week, here’s to escaping average

Your response and feedback helps us, help you, so

How did we do?

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