If Marketing And Advertising Seems Harder Right Now, Try This Today

Countless businesses have shared that they’re struggling with Marketing / Advertising since February – citing It doesn’t feel “right” to market right now

Many tend to say behind closed doors that they want things to go back to normal…

Doctor who

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Some of the worries they’ve shared include

• Not wanting to be insensitive during Covid

• Not sure how or if they should say anything about Black Lives Matter

• The economy getting worse by the day 👎

These all share the same thing, FEAR

The good news is, if you think of your brand as a person, a lot of the “How” becomes easier… a LOT easier. Which begs the question, as of today:

What type of person is it?

How would that person respond during a pandemic?

How would that person respond to racial inequality?

While old school biz theory would say its best to remain neutral – many brands are attempting to be more human, charting new territory

Huge plus 👍

If you’re open to building a more human brand, you’ll enjoy not only less stress at work

But a better connection with who you serve, it’s how my friends and I have built some brands without spending a dime

Here’s a sneak peek at the action items I’ve used for years to help brands outpace their competition

Nerd Gone Rogue
Part 1
Branding Exercise
Part 2
Sarfati Standard
Part 3

These are great questions to sit down with yourself / team and take a good look at your relationship with your customers

Keep in mind, this is to create a human led brand

This requires transparency & mission driven work

This exercise is based on our Go-To methods that blend Growth Hacking, Consumer Economics, and Behavioral Psychology, grab your copy here (bonus: it’s free)

[convertkit form=1007783]

Let me know how your exercise goes!

Here’s to escaping average 🤙

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