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Doing The Most, With What You Have

As we explored in Here’s To Cutting Out The Middle Man. I’ve personally met so many talented and gifted Creatives that blow me away, you have visions and sketches and drafts of betas that would be game-changers. BUT, with the rise of hustle porn on social media, many keep feeling like if you’re not an entrepreneur, then what’s the point?

I want to be my boss

My company doesn’t allow me to do that” others will chime in.

Corporate cultures have habitually stifled talent for ages, mostly due to fear-CEOs and other executives keeping a pecking order because… well the money’s good in diminishing your contribution

The startup world would soon replicate the same culture, sure they threw in some new language and wardrobes but a suit is still a suit, these days, VC’s have become the new media darling – their thinking and modus operandi has become gospel to many a startup founder

The Pain Point:

Getting right to the point, only 3% of venture capital in the U.S went to companies with a female CEO, less than 1% goes to Black founders, and a meager .4% (yup you read that right, point four percent) to Latin founders

I recently had the pleasure of joining Execution Strategist Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy who has created an awesome career for herself improving the way events happen online about growing strategically while maximizing your resources, I’ve included the entire video below, just press play and it’ll begin playing where she and I begin talking about following the money

The Hypothesis:

For ROGUE eyes only

The Experiment:

Growth Hacking and all its practices and theory has helped so many scrappy creatives compete with big brands that revisiting what our priorities are

So let’s take a deep breath, here are some powerful steps to begin

The links mentioned above lead to action items you can start achieving today, let us know how you’re doing!

Simply use the hashtag #growthhaxx when posting and we’ll be sure to check-in and show love

Here’s to escaping average

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